GHOST Hybride SLAMR S2.7

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GHOST Hybride SLAMR S2.7

Ghost’s experience in mountain biking made us excited to try this out. This model takes some of their best geometry, pairs it with high-quality components and promises to be a great ride. With quality German engineering, this looks like a great e-bike.
Does the performance match the good looks? In this review, we’ll find out.

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GHOST Hybride SLAMR S2.7 Features

• Aluminum frame designed for an e-bike and hydroformed for rigidity and strength
• Comfortable to ride
• The geometry makes descents easier to control and keeps you in the perfect position for climbs
• Rear tires are 27.5 x 2.8 inches
• Front tires are 29 x 2.5 inches
• Great traction
• The motor is a Shimano Steps 8000 and very powerful
• Has three assist modes – Eco, Boost, and Trail
• 504Wh continuous power from the Shimano Lithium battery
• RockShox fork with 140mm of travel that’s tunable. Lockout mode makes climbing easier.
• RockShox rear shock offers 140mm travel on the rear wheel
• SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain
• TRP G-Spec brakes allow for sharp breaking with pinpoint accuracy
• Satori Sorata dropper seat post can be adjusted on the go
• Maxxis tires offer exceptional traction
• Exclusively available through REI
• You choose the perfect pedals as these are sold separately
• Free tune up within six months or after 20 hours of use

What We Like About the GHOST Hybride SLAMR S2.7

The bike’s geometry is outstanding. This design is ideal for climbing and an extremely comfortable ride. If you’re into gnarly descents, this bike is going to be of interest to you. Overall, it’s an extremely comfortable ride.

It’s also a lot of fun and can cover a range of different terrains with ease.

What We Don’t Like about the GHOST Hybride SLAMR S2.7

As a standard trail bike, this puts in an excellent performance. We did find that pedal assist lets it down, though. It’s fine on straight tracks and delivers a tolerable performance on uphills. We didn’t feel that the power output and torque quite measured up.

Would we use this to commute to and from work? Performance-wise, we did expect a more consistent output from the motor, though. It was also a little confusing to figure out what the error codes meant while out and about. This is why it did not make our best eMTBs list.

• Excellent control downhill
• Moves easily
• High-quality components
• Unique geometry
• Great suspension
• Nice fat tires
• An easy to read digital display
• Makes a great trail bike in standard mode

• The cranks could be a little longer
• Shorter battery life than we expected
• Power output is variable
• More torque required
• The back tire can puncture easily
• Pricey

Who is the GHOST Hybride SLAMR S2.7 for?

The performance of the motor is a little inconsistent at times. That said, this is still a great bike if you like technical climbs and gnarly downhills. The components used are all high quality. You’re getting a great trail bike here.

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But the primary purpose of an e-bike that it has the pedal assist. The motor here might feel like a bit of a let-down. It can handle some steep climbs, but we’d say it’s better on straighter stretches.

As a commuter bike, it will last well. It is expensive if you’re only going to use for your commute. If you want something that can hit the trails at the weekends as well, it should work nicely for you.