IZIP E3 TRLZ Step Over

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If you want great value for money, the TRLZ delivers every time. This model is a hardtail mountain bike with a fun twist – it’s electric. It’s incredibly stable and will get you out and about exploring off the beaten track.

Use the electric assist to help you get up to the top of the steepest sections. Or speed up the boring bits of the trail. Use it on the trail or as an eco-friendly way to get to and from work.

IZIP E3 TRLZ Step Over 3

IZIP E3 TRLZ Features

• Powered by a Suntour Performance emotor complete with speed sensors to help smooth out your ride
• SR Suntour Suspension fork for smoothing out terrain
• Shimano drivetrain
• 26-inch wheels
• Rack boss, bottle cage boss, and fender boss

What We Like About the IZIP E3 TRLZ

This bike is a reasonably priced option that puts in an excellent performance. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the price came in under $2 000, unlike some of the top-end electric mountain bikes.

You can choose between two different styles of frames. Three frame sizes make it easy to get the perfect bike for the job at hand. The mid-step frame is slightly easier to mount and is sturdy and durable.

You don’t need a motor inhibitor here – this baby stops on a dime. The torque controller makes smooth starts easy. The LCD display has been well-placed, and the cockpit design is clean and straightforward. You get a full-sized charging port.

You can remove the battery if necessary. The battery will last for hours out on the trail.

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What We Don’t Like About the IZIP E3 TRLZ

The derailleur is entry-level and may not provide enough tension for more advanced riders. The drivetrain is very basic. It only has seven speeds. If you love technical climbs and pitting yourself against the track, this might not be the right option for you.

• High-quality components
• Convenient frame sizes
• A choice of two frame styles
• Motor-assisted
• Simple to charge
• The battery life is good
• Removable battery if you’ll be storing the bike
• Suntour motor and a suspension fork
• Shimano drivetrain
• Fun to ride
• Makes it simple to get up hills
• Handles well
• Reasonable pricing

• An entry level model
• Limited speeds available

Who is the IZIP E3 TRLZ for?

Electric bikes might feel a lot like cheating if you’re an experienced rider. If you love shredding the trail, this might not be the best option for you.
If you’re more of a beginner or are less than fit, this could be a good option. The motor allows you to cover more distance more quickly. It also makes short work of steeper sections of the trail where you’d typically have to get off and push.

We love this idea for the person who wants to spend more time out of doors. It makes a great travel bike and allows you to build your fitness levels in a manageable way.

Overall, it is a new experience for any rider. It’s fun and simple to use. It’s a great way to beat traffic in the city and will do well if your commute is a bit longer.

IZIP E3 TRLZ Step Over 3

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