Mountain Bike (MTB) Industry Statistics

This page will be continually updated with the latest statistics we find. 

The infographic below shows industry data as collated in August, 2016.

Key Points

  • Total bicycle sales have grown from 15.3M in 1992 to 20.2M in 2015.
  • Total value of the US market is over $6 Billion per year
  • Mountain bikes make up 24% of the total sales.
  • Mountain bike sales in the US were valued at $1,464,000,000
  • Hybrid/Cross sales in the US were valued at $1,281,000,000

Infographic showing the the percentage of mountain bikes sold verses total bikes sold in teh uSA



Top bicycle brands by sales

pi graph showing top bicycles brands by sales. Show as a percentage of total sales.

Google Search Trends

Google trends show that Trek is currently the most search bike brand.

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