Trek Powerfly 5 Electric Mountain Bike Review

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Trek Powerfly 5 Review

Trek has a well-earned reputation for innovative design and quality engineering. The Powerfly 5 proves that this reputation is well-deserved. The eMTB designed by the company shows some exciting design features.
Features like the removable integrated battery, for example. It would take more than a second glance to notice that this is an e-bike at all. Does its performance match the sleek lines and intelligent design? Why don’t we check that out?

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Trek Powerfly 5 eMTB Features

• The frame is made out of high-strength aluminum for maximum strength without adding too much extra weight
• The 500 Wh battery is completely encased within the frame to protect it and make it less evident on the trail
• Pedal assist has a top speed of 20 mph
• High-quality Bosch motor
• Bosch Purion controller is ergonomically designed
• RockShox fork with 130mm of travel
• Bontrager Kovee wheels are tubeless ready
• Shimano drivetrain with ten speeds
• Hydraulic brakes
• Eco, cruise, and Turbo modes
• Will run for 37 miles in Turbo mode
• Will run for 105 miles in Eco mode

Trek Powerfly 5 Bosch Motor

What We Like About the Trek Powerfly 5

The battery is completely enclosed within the frame. This enclosure provides optimal protection when you’re hitting a dusty trail. The entire system is user-friendly. If you want to remove the battery, it’s simple enough. Just unclip the cover – you don’t need any tools to do so.

We also like that this model is a proper trail bike. Use it with or without the pedal assist, as you prefer. The high-quality components make this a durable bike. The company has done an excellent job of adding in higher performing elements where it counts.

This bike will move from the backroads to the boardroom seamlessly.

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What We Don’t Like about the Trek Powerfly 5

The mileage that you get out of a single charge could be better. Perhaps we’re nitpicking here – after all, 37 miles in Turbo mode or 105 miles in Eco mode should be plenty for most users. Compared to other e-bikes that we’ve reviewed, this distance could be better.

• High-quality components
• Excellent handling and cornering
• Reasonably priced
• Performs well as a trail bike
• Tires are excellent and provide outstanding traction

• It takes 4.5 hours to charge
• Battery life could be better

Who is the Trek Powerfly 5 for?

This one is a bit more of a tough one to pin down. This e-bike performs like a beast on the trails. The geometry makes it a trail bike to be reckoned with, whether you’re using the pedal assist or not.

Would this be as good for enduro racers? It’s built solidly, but the motor does add extra weight that you don’t need. We’d say that this was made more for comfort than speed. This model is not a racing bike by any stretch of the imagination. For the professional Powerfly model, see the LT 9.7 model on our best eMTB guide.

The bike is a good buy for those who want to hit the trails at the weekend. It will also work well in a commuter situation. It’s very versatile in that it will handle tight trails and the cement jungle with equal ease.

If you’re looking for a reliable commuter option, this is an excellent place to start.

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