Best Rear Derailleurs for Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur

Don’t you just hate it when your rear derailleur gives out and needs to be replaced? Fortunately, this is an easy fix – all you need is a replacement part, and you’ll be back on the road again in next to no time flat. The only hard part of the process is choosing which one you will get next. We’ve made it much simpler for you by checking out hundreds of reviews and selecting our top three picks.

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Best Ibis Wheels

ibis wheelset blue

Bicycle wheel and rim technology has come a long way. The tubeless Ibis wheels have made a name for themselves as being reliable, lightweight, and high performing. Choosing the best set of wheels can be a breeze once you understand what will benefit you the most. After reviewing many wheels, we’ve listed our top picks in this guide to help you make the right choice.

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Guide to Oneup Components

oneup brand

Mountain bikes require a lot of care and attention to keep them at top performance. One of the best ways to enhance your mountain bike and get more out of your ride is to add components that improve your bike.

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Mountain Bike Shifters a Complete Guide

Mountain Bike Shifters a Complete Guide 3

If you enjoy riding a mountain or hybrid bike over terrain and incline, you know how important gears are. You also probably know how important a good shifter is, as a shifter is what allows you to change from one gear to another as you encounter different kinds of terrain. In order to ride your mountain bike efficiently and easily, you need to find a great shifter which is smooth and efficient.

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Best Tubeless Mountain Bike Tires


Switching to a tubeless system for mountain bike tires may be a bit strange at first, but you will come to learn that there are many benefits that are associated with them. You will find that you will have a better time with handling tubeless tires and you will end up with less flat tires in the long run.

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The Best Mountain Bike Brake Cable

best brake cables for v pull

best brake cables for v pull

When last did you replace the brake cable on your bike? Just like the brake pads in your car, your bike cable needs to be replaced every so often. Not doing so could cause your breaks to fail completely and you don’t want that to happen when you’re flying down a hill at great speed.

Choosing the right cable is important but how do you know which to pick? Let us make it simpler for you by narrowing down the choices to my top three brake cable picks.

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Best Mountain Bike Crankset

bike crank set

Mountain  bike cranksets are very important when it comes to the proper functioning of your MTB bike. With most cranksets having external type bottom brackets that have larger bearings, this makes them sturdier and stronger with a longer bearing life. Let’s look at how they function and how you can choose the perfect set-up.

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