About Us

Sauserwind is a California based media company specializing in reviews for bikes, bike parts and accessories.

Sauserwind Mission Statement

Our aim is to be the best mountain bike review website on the plant. We aim to help mountain bike enthusiasts with all their buying research whether they are beginners or pro riders.

We also aim to provide our visitors with the best mountain bike deals across from our partner sites.

Review Policy

We DO NOT get paid by companies to do product reviews and never promote products we don’t love and use.  We may make a small commission if you buy through one of our partner’s links.


Sauserwind Partners

Below our some of our existing partners which send us products for review (70% we have to buy ourselves).

About Us 4

The SauserWind Team

Chief Editor & Founder: Jonathan Edwards (Jono)

Senior Review Writer: Jodie Walker

Product Researcher: Chris Gabo

Contributor: Julie Carter

Contributor: Amy Russell

Product Research Assistant:  Toby Carter

Photographer: Gary Mokka

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