Unlock Off-Road Thrills: Genesis V2100 Review!

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The Genesis 27.5″ V2100 is a low-cost mountain bike with some top-notch features. It’s an affordable buy for beginners, with features that will also impress intermediate riders. Or at least, that’s how it’s billed. Does it live up to these claims? In this review, we’ll do our best to answer that question.

Genesis 27.5 V2100 Mountain Bike - SauserWind MTB

Genesis 27.5″ V2100 Features

• Full suspension
• Shimano shifters and rear derailleur
• Linear pull brake at the back
• Disc brake at the front
Seat post clamp can be released on the go
• 1 1/18 headset – threadless
• Drivetrain with 21 speeds
• 27.5” wheels

What I Like About the Genesis 27.5″ V2100

The frame is sturdy and durable. It’s made from high-strength aluminum, so it’s also very light-weight. The bike handles well and is simple enough to control.

A full suspension bike in this price range is rare and an extremely useful feature. This helps to smooth out the ride and get more out of your bike. Like to go bombing down hills? You’ll appreciate how the suspension helps to reduce impact—the result is a pretty smooth ride.

The brakes are also satisfactory. Again, at this price level, having quality brakes is unusual. We’d have preferred disc brakes on both wheels, but that would have just pushed the price up. As it stands, we’re still impressed. The brakes are very responsive and will stop you on a dime.

The wheels are 27.5” and have decent traction; you should be able to maintain your grip on most surfaces easily. We’d have liked the wheels to be tubeless-ready, but that might be asking too much, considering how little you’re paying here.

The Shimano shifters and derailleur also up the performance factor with this bike. Gear changes are smooth and easy to carry out, and with 21 speeds, you’ve got more than enough versatility with this model.

$149 Mountain Bike vs mountain - The Walmart Enduro

What I Don’t Like

Let’s preface this section with a brief disclaimer: At this price range, you will have to make some compromises. The company reduced the overall number of features to keep the price low.

I appreciate that they put their money where it counts the most: You get a great set of brakes, excellent shifters, and full suspension. What I don’t like is that the seat is pretty cheap. Factor in the cost of a new one, because you’ll want to replace the one it comes with. This complaint is common for most off-the-rack bikes. It’s not such an issue if you’re treating this as a commuter bike, but it is an issue when you’re riding for more extended periods or over particularly rough terrain.

Now let’s talk about the pedals. We’d also want to swap those out for something better pretty quickly. If you’re a beginner, the pedals are satisfactory. However, if you’re a more experienced cyclist, you’ll want something better. The MTB pedals also have low clearance, and that’s a little bit of an issue, but you can easily upgrade them to a decent pair.

The biggest complaint with this bike is that you can’t upgrade much on it. Again, this is not a problem for the beginner, but for a more experienced rider, this will be problematic. Let’s put it this way – this won’t be the last bike you ever buy. At this price, though, that’s not such an issue.

What This Bike is For

This bike is aimed more at beginners or intermediate riders; advanced riders will want an upgraded model instead. That said, it’s not a bad bike. It gives novice riders a good taste of what the higher- rated bikes can do.

The Genesis V2100 is versatile. It makes an excellent commuter bike because it can handle some punishment. The tires grip the asphalt well, and you can get up to a nice speed—so if you oversleep, you’ll have a good chance of still getting to work on time. It also works well as a recreational bike. If your tastes tend more toward a leisurely ride in the country, this bike is going to suit you well.

That aside, this bad boy is designed to hit the trails. It’s a little bit of a waste if you’re not going to let it loose in the wild every now and again. The V2100 is designed for moderate to intermediate trails and handles the bumps pretty well. That being said, it’s better to stick to trails with less gravel; you should switch out the tires if you plan on tackling trails with really gravelly surfaces. And while this bike is rugged, we wouldn’t want to perform more advanced riding, like slickrocking.

Overall, this is designed to be a starter bike, and it’s a great way to introduce your kids to a better class of cycling. You don’t have to tweak much in terms of setting it up, and all you need to do is jump on and ride.

• Inexpensive
• Excellent for beginners
• The full suspension makes riding a lot more comfortable
• Tough aluminum frame
• Front-mounted disc brake
• NHTSA-tested and rated safe
• Rear triangle helps keep the bike extremely stable
• Gear shifting is smooth
• Lightweight but very durable
• The frame is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds
• A great value for the price

• Must keep the chain well-oiled, to avoid sticking problems
• The pedal clearance is a little low
• The front fork could use a bit more travel
• You can’t upgrade much
• Limited liability doesn’t cover frame
• The seat is a bit hard and might need to be changed out

Genesis V2100 FAQS

Where to buy the Genesis 27.5 V2100?
You can purchase the Genesis 27.5 V2100 mountain bike at Walmart, both in-store and online, through their website.

What is the weight limit on the Genesis 27.5 V2100?
The weight limit on the Genesis 27.5 V2100 mountain bike is approximately 250-275 lbs (113-125 kg). Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for accurate weight capacity information.

Is Genesis a good bike brand?
Genesis is known for offering budget-friendly bikes that cater to a wide range of riders. They provide a decent quality for the price, making them a suitable choice for beginners or recreational riders who are not looking to invest in high-end bikes.

Who makes Genesis bikes?
Genesis bikes are manufactured by Genesis Bicycles, a company specializing in producing affordable bikes for various cycling disciplines, including mountain biking, road cycling, and urban commuting.


Genesis 27.5″ V2100  – Final Verdict, worth the money?

This is not the best bike in the world, but it could be the best bike in its price range – currently $228.  I would prefer to buy a second hand mountain bike on Facebook marketplace – you should get a great second-hand mountain bike for $250.

If you’re an advanced rider, you’ll probably find the V2100 a little boring, so we’d advise you to keep looking. On the whole, though, we’re glad that the company went to so much effort in making a bike that performs well at such an affordable price.

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