3 Awesome Mountain Bike Seat Posts

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Finding a good mountain bike seat post is crucial to the overall mountain biking experience. You want to be able to find something that will be comfortable, aerodynamic, and lightweight.

You want a seat post that is adjustable and contours to you. If you are an avid biker, chances are you are trying to decide between several different types that would potentially benefit you. If you are new to this, you want to learn why choosing the right mountain bike seat is so important.

Race Face Ride XC Seatpost

raceface mtb seat post


The Race Face Ride seat post is a rigid seat post that offers great adjustability. It has a simple and sleek look and goes with most saddles. This seat post is made with aluminum to keep it lightweight yet durable. It’s adjustable yet still maintains a low profile. Its sleek design doesn’t compromise on looks or functionality.








  • Lightweight at 295g
  • Great for most saddles
  • Can be used for trail riding


  • May seem heavy to an avid rider but still maintains a lightweight design

3 Awesome Mountain Bike Seat Posts 1


Thomson Elite Seatpost

This Thomson Elite seat post is known for its strength, no-slip design and being lightweight. It is one of the best selling seat posts on the market currently.

3 Awesome Mountain Bike Seat Posts 3

You might have heard of this brand and know that this seat post was made by a company who is top notch in the aerospace industry. They have designed a lightweight yet durable seat post that is streamlined for the most comfortable ride. It comes in one piece (not jointed or come in parts) and is made from aluminum.


  • Heavy duty yet lightweight
  • Compatible with most seats
  • Great for easy to difficult terrain


  • May have difficulty adjusting

3 Awesome Mountain Bike Seat Posts 1


OneUp Components Dropper Seatpost

This OneUp seat post can have the drop adjusted while you are riding. It doesn’t require bleeding the cable because the cable itself clamps with a lever. The adjustment is precise and provides for an easy way to adjust your level while you ride.

OneUp Components Dropper Post Review - The King of Adjustability?

This has a short stack height and is adjustable to do precise measurements. The adjusting does not require you to use tools. It is adjusted while you ride and with a lever that attaches to your handlebars.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Precise seat adjustment
  • Can be adjusted while you ride


  • May need to mess with the adjustments so they stay in place

Oneup MTB seat post

About Mountain Bike Seat Posts

awesome mtb seat post

MTB seat posts are one of the most important things about a mountain bike seat. They are what the seat sits on and what adjusts to the height that you need. It is also the part that absorbs a lot of the impact of the ride.

There are three different types of seat posts you want to keep an eye out for. Those are suspension, rigid, and dropper. A suspension seat post is going to be the one that absorbs the vibration of your ride.

A rigid seat post is more of a universal seat post found on most bikes. It sits the lowest on your bike but does not offer the best absorption when it comes to bumps.A dropper seat post is what you may see commonly on a mountain bike. It is wired into your handlebars to allow you to adjust your seat height while you’re riding. This is ideal because if you are trail riding, you will often find that you need to adjust your seat according to the terrain. Long rides can get you through many different levels of terrain, requiring you to adjust your seat often.


Whether it’s for the long ride or short, finding the right seat is going to make or break your experience. Choose something that will be convenient for you and offers the features you need. Make sure to research your seat post and saddles and find the best one for your budget that works for your situation.