Guide to Mountain Bike Trails in Maine USA

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Maine is not just a fantastic place for getting a lobster dinner. It also holds a wide variety of trails, many of which being perfect for biking. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is a trail for everyone to enjoy.


Some of the best trails for mountain biking in Maine include:

Bond Brook Trails

In Maine’s capital of Augusta, this trail will give even an expert mountain biker a workout. There are more than 12 miles to follow with single and double track spots. There are lots of technical challenges along the way, making it fun and interesting, while also increasing the level of difficulty. Your legs will be burning for sure by the end of this, but it is going to be worth it. 

Bradbury Mountain State Park

If you are looking for a challenge, Bradbury Mountain offers 18 miles of trails along the state park. There is a great spot to stop for pictures, as well as a lot of great natural sounds for a more panoramic experience.

Nordic Heritage Center

This trail offers several trail offshoots allowing something for every level of ability. In addition to riding on these fluid trails, there is also a spot that is perfect for practising dirt jumps. 

Bangor Area Trails

Another great spot in Augusta, the trails in the Bangor area offer a lot of technical skills-based riding. While there is not a lot of uphill riding, you will get plenty of practice with other obstacles. This includes rocks, roots, tight turns and even the possibility of wildlife sightings.

Libby Hill Forest Trails

Great for all types of riders, you can find different spots for different levels of difficulty. Simply look up the courses and choose the one that is best for your level of experience.

Presque Isle

While surrounded by beautiful, untouched wilderness, there lies over 20 miles of biking trails. These trails are a mix of hand and machine-built, while leaving as much untouched as possible. That means you can really commune with nature and take in some beautiful scenery while riding.

Pine Ridge

Another shorter trail, Pine Ridge only comes to about eight miles of trail. This comes with both single and double tracks, lots of ups and downs, and plenty of things to keep you busy on this short track.

Clifford Park

Clifford Park is a fantastic space for those who are new to mountain biking. This is because the trails are great for those who are still learning the skill, and is only about three miles long. You also get to ride by a waterfall and lots of other beautiful scenery.

Carrabassett Valley Trail System

Carrabassett Valley Trail System

Bordering the Sugarloaf Mountain and ski resort, there are almost 100 miles of trails for mountain bike riding. The level of difficulty varies depending on the area you are in, making it a great spot for people of all experience levels.

Titcomb Mountain

If you are looking for more of a basic ride, rather than a lot of technical skills and obstacles in your way, this is a great option. It is a short 6.5- mile loop going uphill, with lots of smooth terrain and very few rocks or logs thrown in.

Salmon Falls Preserve

Not for new riders, children or animals, this is for serious and experienced riders only. This is because of the steep ledge you ride on as part of the trail that can cause serious injury. If you do ride this trail, you will get lots of challenges along with some great scenic views.

Mount Agamenticus

Mount Agamenticus is a fantastic option for both mountain bikers and road cyclists alike. The old ski hill offers both paved roads at the top and seven miles of trails going up the mountain. It is important to remember that the downhill aspects can be technical, making them more challenging, but can be a lot of fun.

MTB trails Mount Agamenticus
image source: alltrails

Perch Pond

Including 12 miles of single track, there is lots of technical style riding for those who prefer those types of tracks. There is not much of an incline to these tracks, but the trails are dry.

Blackstrap Hill Preserve

Eight miles of single track makes up the trails on the Blackstrap Hill Preserve. There is a lot of technical hill climbs and muddy tracks, making it a lot of fun to ride on. It also offers trails for all skill levels.

Tips for Biking in Maine

Before you head out on the trails, there are some things you need to do.

Get Your Bike Tuned Up Before Your Trip: It is highly recommended that you get a tune-up on your bike before any big trips. This will help to ensure that the bike holds up on the ride without any unnecessary issues.

Check the Weather: You should always check the weather before any biking trip. Not only is biking in bad weather not very entertaining but can be incredibly dangerous.

Pack Accordingly: Even if you only plan on being out for a few hours, it is important to make sure you pack accordingly. Make sure to have plenty of water, a snack, some basic first aid supplies, and a way of contacting someone if there is an emergency.

Practice: Unless you are a professional and have years of experience, you should take some time to practice before you hit the trails full force. Try taking it slowly around a new area at first until you get used to the terrain.

Go with A Buddy: It is always smart to have someone go with you when doing anything away from people who could easily come to your aid. While it is possible to mountain bike with no issues, you want to be on the safe side. Especially in a new area or on an unfamiliar trail.


Don’t pass up a chance to ride some amazing trails next time you are in Maine. You can have a great time for a few hours, or even a whole weekend, making it a great getaway for friends or family.