Diamondback Clutch 1 Mountain Bike (Women’s MTB)

Diamondback Clutch 1 Mountain Bike










With the development of the Level Link suspension by Diamondback, it was clear that they had found a great way to improve the efficiency of their trail bikes – both when it came to climbing and when it came to handling the downhills.

This initial breakthrough enabled bikes to be made lighter and even faster. Bikes that would be perfect over much more varied terrain. There was only one thing that could have been said against this new design – it was not available on women’s bikes yet. Fortunately, Diamondback was quick to rectify this oversight because they do want to listen to what their clients want. As a result, they present the Clutch 1 – their first level link bike made for women who love shredding and who also want fewer limits on where and when they can ride.

The feature with the new Clutch 1 is that it has an alloy tubeset that has been hydroformed. It also boasts plush suspension travel of 130mm, a much shorter rear end, along with a cockpit that is longer to enable you to keep your bike perfectly stable, no matter what speed you are traveling at and when you need to take corners at speed as well.

The bike has a Yari Fork by Rock Shox, and this is 150mm of even travel. The steerer is tapered, and the thru axle is 110 mm x 15 mm made by Boost to enable you to make precise movements and get over rough areas. The drivetrain is by SRAM and is an NX 1 x 11 model. This makes it possible to shift exactly as you need to and gives a wider variety of gears that you may need in order to make it up extremely steep hills. This bike allows you to spin through gears in a way never possible before.

The disc pads and brakes are SRAMs and are hydraulic in nature. They are extremely effective and can be relied on even during the toughest of descents. You never need to worry about losing control on your bike again. With this bike, Diamondback has acknowledged that female riders can be just as aggressive as their male counterparts and that they need a bike that will work as hard as they do. The Diamondback Clutch 1 is how they have answered that call.

• The level link suspension makes it possible to be as efficient when climbing up a mountain as you can be on the way down. Trailbikes will never be the same again.
• Products made by Rock Shox are always reliable, adjustable and smooth. The fork on this bike is no exception.
• SRAM technology has also been incorporated to ensure that you have access to the maximum number of gears and can shift with confidence.
• The Blanchard tyres on this bike are tough and wide – they can take just about everything that nature can throw at them.
• Again, SRAM makes your experience better – the brakes work well, are very powerful, and are reliable.

Diamondback Clutch 1 Mountain Bike (Women's MTB) 1