Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes+Multi-Use Pedals

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Your pair of road cycling shoes is one of the most crucial cycling gears that you should never miss. Although they might not seem important at first, you can have horrible biking experience, especially if you’re a professional biker. These shoes provide the much-needed interface between your legs and the pedals, so it’s vital that they’re comfortable and convenient enough.

However, the shoe style you need largely depends on the kind of pedals you have. Surprisingly, some types of cycling shoes are packaged along with a compatible pair of pedals. This is great news, especially for beginners. One such cycling kit is the Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes + Multi-Use Pedals. So keep reading as we take you through all you need to know about this Venzo cycling kit.

+ Brand: Venzo
+ Size: Europe 40-47, US Men 6.5-12
+ An Award Winning Performance
+ Fully compatible with any Shimano SPD pedal system
+ Weight shoes: 640g (Size 44)
+ Weight pedals: 370g (pair)
+ Warranty: 1 year

Made in Taiwan, these classic mountain bike cycling shoes are the perfect fit for men and women who are always on the move. And if you take a glimpse at the shoes, you’ll most likely be amazed by the unique, sleek design that is different from other traditional cycling shoes that always look huge. Also, these shoes can fit well with most legs out there, thanks to the variable size chart. And in addition, the soles are stiff enough to ensure maximum support to your feet as well as hold the pedals firmly. All in all, if you find the right fit, you can rest assured that they won’t slip out as you enjoy your ride.

Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes+Multi-Use Pedals 1Another exciting feature about these professional cycling shoes is the textile lining that enables it to absorb any moisture inside effectively. The materials used also gives these shoes superior ventilation compared to most bike shoes out there, thanks to its synthetic upper and quick-drying mesh. This way, you can zoom around the trail knowing that your feet are well insulated against any type of weather – bet it windy, sunny or rainy. As for your comfort, the removable textile sock liner, as well as the textile mesh, ensures that you get more than just a comfortable feel but a hygienic ride as well. I’m pretty sure that the last thing you would like is to get hot spots on your feet or for them to go numb during your weekend rides.

Moving forward, one of the main issues that most people dislike about clipless shoes is because you’ll be required to purchase them along with a compatible pair of pedals. This unplanned scenario can quickly break your budget line. In this case, however, that is not something to fret about! This kit from Venzo, ideal for mountain biking, comes with matching Wellgo COO2B Pedals boasting of aluminum construction together with cleats and ball bearing. This type of construction ensures a perfect blend of the lightweight build (at 640 grams) and strength. To make it even better, the pedals are also fully compatible with any Shimano SPD cleated shoes. Simply put – they represent a long-term investment.

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Last but not least, these shoes have a highly-flexible forefoot featuring a beveled heel. This feature makes it to closely resemble a sturdy running shoe and most importantly gives you a comfortable feel. Let’s also not forget to mention the affordable price tag of $75 that is attached to this highly sought-after Venzo package. If you put together all the features that we’ve mentioned in this post, you’ll have to concur with us that this shoe is not only for novice mountain bikers, but professionals as well.

What we like
• Grippy rubber soles
• Pretty affordable
• Very lightweight
• Boasts of a unique, attractive design
• Textile lining for absorbing moisture
• Flexible forefoot and beveled heel
• Breathable mesh and synthetic upper for maximum comfort
• You’ll also get pair of pedals and cleats

What we don’t like
• They may not stand the test of time if used regularly
• Your right size may vary from your typical shoe size (use the size chart)

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Final Thoughts
For both professional and novice bikers alike, choosing the perfect cycling shoes can pose an unexpected challenge. The primary interests that you should pay close attention to include things like safety, performance, comfort, and the price. Thankfully, the Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes + Multi-Use Pedals has it all. Therefore, we can easily recommend this great pedal-shoe combo because it’s definitely worth your dime.

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