Hope Spiderless Crank Review

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The way we ride bikes has gradually changed over the years thanks to the introduction of several categories such as all-road, adventure, and gravel. In fact, we’re still expecting to see more riding styles in the near future.

hope spiderless crank image shows all the parts you get when you buy this crank

photo credit: Steve Crawley

Despite the concurrent evolution, drivetrain manufacturers have done very little to keep with the pace. It’s rare to get an efficient and robust crankset, and if you get one, you’ll have to pay top dollar for it – a lot of cranks on Amazon will be cheap Chinese-made cranks. In this insightful post, we’ll be looking at the Hope Spiderless Crank and find out why it’s the best fit for you. Let’s get started!


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Hope Spiderless Crank Specifications

+ Weight: 634g
+ Compatibility: 68/73mm bottom bracket shells
+ Construction: Forged CNC machined aluminum alloy crank arms
+ Length: 165mm, 170mm, and 175mm
+ 30mm oversized axle
+ Arm colors: black, orange, blue, purple, and red

Hope Spiderless Crank Features

Here are some exciting features of the Hope Spiderless 68/73 crankset:

Crank Arm Length
Although the default/standard crank arm length is 175mm, the Hope Spiderless features two other length options – the 165mm and 170mm arms. Short arms are generally better for uphill riding whereas longer arms perform well on downhill riding. Additionally, shorter lengths are good for short legs, whereas longer legs are best suited for long legs. All in all, this variety of options will give you the perfect fitting for your DH, XC, or FAT bike.

Construction Material
The Hope Spiderless crank arms are made from CNC machined aluminum alloy, a material that can only be found in most high-end crank arms. First and foremost, this type of material is durable and corrosion-resistant, thanks to its oxidized outer layer.

There are different grades of aluminum which come with different strength-to-weight ratios. In this case, Hope used the 7075 series which is preferred in marine and aerospace applications because it’s solid and lightweight. Furthermore, the crank arms are available in blue, black, orange, red, purple, and red.

Bottom Bracket Style
It’s not a secret that most cranksets are purchased minus a bottom bracket. That said, this crank fits well with size 68/73mm bottom bracket style. This type of shell is pretty easy to work on and generates less creaking noise, unlike the press fit BB’s. To make it even better, you’ll get the needed tools to make your installation process less intensive. This way, you can easily clean and lube it after your trail adventure.

The weight of the Hope Spiderless crank is pretty competitive at 634g for the arms and axle. This is less than what you’ll get with most high-end cranksets such as the Praxis Zayate Carbon and the Shimano Dura-Ace R9100. The retail pricing is also a comparative bargain at around $200.

Hope Spiderless Crank Installation

You will hesitate to install this new Hope Technology’s crankset just because it looks too good to strike rocks, rotate through mud, and scuffed by shoes. Lucky for you, though, this’s exactly what they’re meant to do. That aside, the kit includes four specific tools to help you with the installation process. You’ll get two Allen keys measuring 2.5mm and 10mm respectively, a 14mm socket, and a bottom bracket spanner. With these tools, you’ll get the perfect fit no matter how many times you decide to remove and reinstall it.

How to: Install Hope Cranks

Video credit: Hopetech Youtube

You’ll notice the box mesh finish wearing out fast, but this is common with machined cranks. The mud combined with your shoes will grind away the stylish exterior. All said and done, you just have to add in your bottom bracket, and chainring which you’ll buy separately and you’re good to go. Once installed correctly, you’ll get stunning performance and reliability with great looks as a bonus.

• Durable and lightweight thanks to the 7075 aluminum alloy
• Comes with all the tools you’ll need for installation
• Perfect fit for most bike frames and riding styles
• Arms available in different lengths and colors

• Bottom bracket and chainring are sold separately
• The price is quite steep


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Hope Spiderless Crank Final Verdict

I’m completely sold to the Hope Spiderless Crank. They may not represent the best value for the money if you consider the weight. They may not be sleek and streamlined like some carbon options in the market. But they are lightweight, well made, stiff, and in my opinion, very dependable in the long run. Don’t forget the outstanding customer service history of Hope Technology. All in all, I would recommend this crank to a friend.


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