Guide to Oneup Components

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Mountain bikes require a lot of care and attention to keep them at top performance. One of the best ways to enhance your mountain bike and get more out of your ride is to add components that improve your bike.

Even a change of handlebar or chainrings can have a high impact on how you ride. This is where Oneup comes in. They feature a line dedicated to products that understand how mountain bikes work on the trail, and how riders need them to work.

About Oneup Components

Oneup is a dedicated team of mountain bikers from Squamish, B.C. Canada. They weren’t always this way though; they started as mountain bike aficionados that wanted to spread their love of hitting the trails to others. From that idea, this cycling team created Oneup, a company created to bring bring the best mountain biking gear to fellow riders.

As a team, they stand by their motto, Work Less and Ride More. With their components, they create the ingredients that passionate riders need to make the most out of their mountain bike.

No matter what kind of work your bike needs (or even if it works just fine and you want an upgrade), Oneup has a long line of highly lauded component components to take care of it. If there’s anything to say about their products, it’s that they’re not only reliable, but they’re also innovative.

From chainrings that break the mold and get a better grip on your chain, to compact tool storage solutions, Oneup is the team that has your back. Many of their components have gained award winning status, and their products are quickly taking over the mountain biking industry.

About The EDC Tool System

oneup component edc

When you’re riding on rugged trails, there’s always a chance that your bike will have an equipment issue. While it doesn’t happen all the time, you can look forward to a long, miserable walk home if you’re not carrying to the tools to fix it on the spot. You might even neglect carrying tools because space is so limited on your bike, and backpacks full of tools are unwieldy at best.

The new solution is the EDC tool system from Oneup.

There’s no bulky backpack or extra weight, just a streamlined, lightweight tool system that weighs in at about half a pound. Think of it as the swiss army knife of bike repair tools. Everything you need is one handy tool system, from an extra chainring bolt to a multi size hex (from 2mm up to 8mm), to a tire lever. The four main components of the EDC tool system interlock together to form a neat, compact cylinder.

Instead of storing the tools in a carrying case, the EDC tool system fits neatly into your fork’s steerer tube. It’s easily secured with a regular star bolt and head cap, so there aren’t any special attachments needed. That also means that all your tools are quickly and easily accessed whenever you need them.

Alternatively, you can carry the Oneup pump in the bottle cage mount that’s included when you purchase the pump. The pump is built with a specially designed recess that houses the interlocking tool system.

Top OneUP Products

Oneup Components Aluminum Flat Pedals

oneup pedals

These aluminum flat pedals are designed to give you better axle clearance and an ultra thin leading edge. For riders that need extra grip, these pedals are constructed with stealth rubber. Not only that, they feature a slightly convex shape. This is meant to cater to the natural arching shape of your feet. They have a wider design, ideal for holding your heavy duty boots into place. Every bit of these pedals’ design is engineered to deliver unmatched grip and stability, while deflecting obstructions with an especially thin leading edge.


  • Includes rear loading custom hexagonal pins (40, they’re also removable)
  • Excellent fit and grip
  • Tough and smooth spinning pedal design
  • Each pedal has 4 sealed cartridge bearings
  • Rubber grip and rounded shape for better hold
  • Thin leading edge deflects debris and obstructions
  • Durable, easy to service when needed


  • Extra pedal spacers may be needed if you wear crank boots

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Oneup Components EDC 35MM Stem

When you’re riding your bike, a lot of things can happen on the trail. That’s why so many riders are starting to carry EDC tools with them. EDC tools allow riders to repair issues with their bike, but these tools also take up extra space that you really need when you’re riding. It’s not convenient to carry a pack full of tools, not to mention the amount of weight they add onto your overall load.

That’s where the EDC 35mm Stem comes in. Using this stem, you can forget about threading your fork, or trying to balance with a clunky backpack, and store your EDC tool right in your steerer tube, without taking up extra space. Now these EDC 35mm stems are compatible with more steerer tubes than ever, even those constructed of carbon or steel. There’s no need for specialty attachments, the EDC tool stem is entirely compatible with standard star nuts and top caps.


  • Convenient, space saving design
  • No more fork threading to carry your EDC tool
  • Adds to convenience when adjusting headset preload (you don’t have to loosen your stem)
  • Allows EDC tools to fit in steerer tube
  • Works with both steel and carbon steerer tubes
  • Compatible with standard top cap and star nut
  • High quality aluminum construction


  • This doesn’t include the EDC toolkit, it includes the stem only

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Oneup Components 104 BCD Oval Chainring

oneup chainringThese chainrings alternate between wider and slimmer teeth that are designed to better grip the typical spacing of typical bike chains. This results in a more ‘locked’ grip on the chain, and a more secure feel. This chainring has 12% ovality, which helps you balance out the positive and negative work in your muscle groups as you ride. In your weaker muscle groups, the chainring helps reduce negative work by mustering the slack in the chain, giving you an easier, more efficient ride.

You’ll get smoother traction, since this chainring helps to even out the torque that goes right to your rear tire. That rear torque smoothing, paired with the equalized traction makes this chainring ideal for riders that want an easier time getting up tough slopes.





  • Creates smoother climbing torque, especially on the rear tire
  • Ideal for uphill riding, creates balanced traction
  • Clocking from the crank arm is 115 degrees, emphasizing your power stroke’s major axis
  • No guide chain needed with narrow-wide teeth profile
  • Designed to eliminate chain drop
  • Constructed for durability through impact and muck


  • No instructions provided for installation

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Oneup Components Handlebar

Handlebars can be a personal thing for mountain bike riders, so you don’t want to get just any handlebar for your favorite bike. While 35mm and 31.8mm handlebars are some of the most preferred standard models, this handlebar gives you the best of both worlds. It’s an ideal handlebar for people who do a lot of tough, rugged riding especially since it’s built to handle the things that make these rides so trying. It mitigates the excess vibration rough trails cause, and minimizes the arm pump action too. This helps prevent arm fatigue, and creates a more comfortable riding experience.

Constructed with high quality carbon fiber, it remains lightweight while still taking to more versatile shapes than handlebars made of other materials. It’s durable, for aggressive riders, and provides you with more precise steering control.


  • Lowers arm fatigue (often caused by arm pump and vibration)
  • Lightweight, easy to steer and control
  • Absorbs the majority of vibration
  • High quality carbon fiber construction adds versatility
  • Allows less vibration and arm pump action through
  • Designed for improved steering control
  • Combines most favored qualities from standard 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars


  • May not suit all style preferences

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Final Verdict

Your bike is your ultimate companion when you want to hit the trail. You may not have an in depth knowledge of the mechanics of your bikes inner components, but you’d still surely realize the importance of getting quality components that do the job right, the first time. The best way to get it right is to get your gear from a company that has a passion for riding, and only makes gear they’d use on their own bikes.

That’s exactly what Oneup is, and that’s precisely what they do. In short, they’re a company you can rely on for whatever parts you need.