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Bicycle wheel and rim technology has come a long way. The tubeless Ibis wheels have made a name for themselves as being reliable, lightweight, and high performing. Choosing the best set of wheels can be a breeze once you understand what will benefit you the most. After reviewing many wheels, we’ve listed our top picks in this guide to help you make the right choice.

Ibis 738 Aluminum 27.5” Wheelset

Ibis 738 wheelsetThis new, innovative design by Ibis is perfect for the avid mountain cyclist. The 738 has a plus-sized wheelset – 34mm inner diameter. Rolling over rough terrain with these will be a cinch. These are the best option for those who want to save a little cash, but still have a wider, lightweight wheelset.

Made from lightweight, expertly welded 6066 aluminum, these wheels are strong and durable with a low rotating weight. The tubeless tires allow for a larger contact area for fast rolling dependability.

The hubs have 10-degree engagement and fast rolling Enduro bearings. The 738 is a mid-range contender great for any serious cyclist.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Adaptable fit for SRAM or Shimano’s 8-11 speed cassettes
  • Mid-range cost


  • Spokes are offset on opposite sides, so the appearance can be a bit off for some users

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Ibis 742 Logo Carbon 27.5” Wheelset

This wheelset looks sharp with their carbon fiber setup. Mountain bikes and overall aggressive cycling will benefit from the wide set rims of this Ibis 742. At 35mm, these will require less air pressure which will allow you to get more traction. The carbon fiber build is lightweight and strong, keeping you upright and on course.

Ibis 742 Logo Carbon

Ibis 742 Logo has a 30% increase in impact strength compared to the previous 741 Logo. Not only that, but they have decrease the weight by 7.5%. The rims and hubs have been updated with this version to bring you the best of what Ibis has to offer. The hubs have a 4 pawl system with 10-degree engagement and 36 tooth design.

For aggressive cyclists, this wheelset has it all at a price point that is fair for what you get.


  • Ability to run a lower tire pressure
  • Carbon fiber wheels
  • 7-year warranty


  • Pricier compared to other wheelsets, but worth it for the quality

Best Ibis Wheels 1

Ibis 938 Aluminum 29” Wheelset

This is the stiffest and largest wheelset out of all the options. Don’t let that fool you, these will still provide a fast ride. You will get the ultimate traction with the 34mm width of the wheelset. Mountain biking is no simple feat, but with the right bicycle and wheelset, you can tackle rough terrain easy. Ibis 938 are compatible with 2.8” tires and lower, so you have a wide range of options available to you.

The wider hub is fused with the aluminum. These keeps you rolling fast and your aim precise. The stiff feeling comes from the smaller diameter of the wheelset. You also have the ability to lower the air pressure for even more traction during a bumpy ride.


  • Super stiff
  • Easy to install tubeless tires
  • Wide profile
    Great value


  • A bit heavier than other wheelsets, but still a reasonable weight

Best Ibis Wheels 5

How to Choose Ibis Wheels

Ibis wheels are some of the strongest, lightest, and best performing rims on the market today. This can make it even more difficult to make that final choice when comparing products. Let’s go over some of the key features that you will find in Ibis wheels.

Smooth Ride

When buying rims and wheels, it is literally all about the ride. You want a smooth ride that can distribute impacts. Newer Ibis wheels are more lightweight, with tough rims that can resist impacts. This is because of a reduction in the rim cross section height. The new “S” series of Ibis wheels are more compliant vertically with an improved rim profile.


If a company backs their products with a warranty and superior customer service, it makes us feel a bit more compelled to make an investment in their products. Ibis rims are backed by a seven-year warranty and they will cover any issue that is the fault of the company. For those who are accident prone, there is even a low cost “accident replacement” program.

The Wider, The Better

In tubeless wheels, the magic is all in Ibis’ patented Bead Socket Technology. Wider rims allow the tire beads to sit further apart. You can run lower air pressure with this wider setup because it provides superior sidewall support.

Overall, Ibis is well known for perfecting their rims down to every detail. The wider rims provide improved traction and braking control. Rough terrain is easier to tackle due to the reduced rolling resistance.

Tough Materials

Ibis rims are made with a combination material using resin and a unique carbon layup. This material is often called Toughened Hybrid Carbon. Along with the Bead Socket Technology, these materials improve ride feel and rim strength.

Final Verdict

Ibis is a brand that keeps up with research and ensures that their wheelsets are made with the newest and best technology. From hub to tubeless tire, Ibis has made changes and considerations for your safety and enjoyment. Wide wheels that allow for easy installation of tubeless tires and provide more traction are all the rage for serious mountain cyclists. A smooth, safe ride is available with any of these Ibis wheelsets. Find the best option for you and your bicycle and get out there and enjoy the ride.

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