Guide to Carbon Handlebars MTB

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2022)

carbon hadlebars mtb

If you are going down the custom build route or looking to upgrade bike parts, carbon fiber mountain bike handlebars are a good buy. Mainly because they look awesome and you get more control.

Are carbon handlebars MTB light?

Yes. This is one of the reasons why riders switch from aluminum handlebars.  Though they are very light they are incredibly strong and have a shock absorption property.

What is the average length of carbon MTB handlebars?

Length will vary from 750mm to 1000mm. Many bars come with markings on the ends so you can cut them to your perfect length.

What are the top brands for carbon MTB handlebars?

The top-performing bars are produced by Renthal and Raceface.

Are carbon handlebars expensive?

No, not if you take your mountain biking seriously, leading carbon bars can be bought for under $150.  Carbon MTB handlebars are currently much cheaper than carbon frames and wheels, so they make a good purchase for pimping your stock bike.

Renthal Fatbar Carbon Fiber Handlebar MTB

renthal fatbar mtb carbon handlebar

Renthal is a UK based manufacturer who specializes in handlebars for motorbikes and mountain bikes. Renthal also sponsors some top MTB riders who have won world championships.

Renthal’s Fatbar carbon handlebars for MTB are the leading product in this category, used by many pro riders and ourselves. They are made of uni-directional (UD) carbon layers which makes them very strong and allows for shock absorption. These carbon handlebars allow for precision control of your bike, which is why pro riders use them.  We love the bar end markets which allows for optimum setup.

These carbon fiber handlebars also come in different riser sizes:

Fatbar carbon 10mm, Fatbar carbon 20mm, Fatbar carbon 30mm, Fatbar carbon 40mm – all available through the link below.

Guide to Carbon Handlebars MTB 1

Race Face Next R 35 carbon fiber handlebars for MTB

Raceface Next 35

We’ve talked about Raceface grips before and how good they are. This Canadian company also manufacture quality carbon MTB handlebars well worth reviewing. Like the Fatbar handlebars above, they are built from UD carbon fiber which allows for strength with very little weight.  Raceface give the weight at 180g and are 760mm wide. These handlebar pictured above are the 20mm riser which we believe is a good all-round measurement for XC riders and weekend trail enthusiasts. These handlebars also come in a high rise option, a 10mm, straight and also a downhill handle called the RaceFace Sixc DH.

Guide to Carbon Handlebars MTB 3

Chromag Fubars Cutlass Carbon Handlebar MTB

chromemag fubar carbon handlebars mtb

The Chromemag Fubar Cutlass is marketed as a cross-category MTB handlebar. This carbon fiber MTB handlebar has a 25mm riser, 5 degree sweep and has a total length of 780mm. Total weight is 220g with a 31.8mm clamp.  None of the Sauserwind team own this handlebar but we have read all the reviews and looking to try one out next year. Reviewers loved the graphics and the handlebars and the overall feel.  The price has also been noted as a major buying factor at only $135 (current price at time of writing), compared to Enve carbon handlebar range.

Guide to Carbon Handlebars MTB 3

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Niner Flat top Carbon Handlebar MTB

Niner flt top carbon handlebars mtb

A top-selling handlebar from Niner. This bar is 710mm and ideal for XC riders but is not specifically for 29ers and can be used on other MTBs. The bars have markings so you can easily trim them down to get the exact fit you want. The bar is standard 31.8 mm with a +/- 5 rise and 9 degrees sweep. The total weight of this bar is 175g. The bar has noticeable vibration dampening when you are rising hard, which allows for more control.

Guide to Carbon Handlebars MTB 3

Enve MTB Downhill Handlebar

enve carbon handlebars mtb

Enve specializes in carbon fiber bike parts for road racing and MTB riders, along with complete bikes.  All parts are manufactured in Ogden, Utah, USA and come with industry-leading warranties.  This bar has a total width of 80omm and weighs 235g.  The incredible strength of this bar will give you a noticeable stiffness and control if you are switching from aluminum and want to take downhill (DH) riding seriously.

Oneup Carbon Handlebars

These handlebars are 35mm, but have been engineered to feel like a 31.8mm bar. The tweaking of the clamp area of the bar making it oval helps your arms from getting tired, especially on downhills where a lot of pressure is placed on the arms. The handlebars have 800mmm width and come with funky decal kits, the total weight is 230g.

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Other notable mentions: Specialized s-works carbon mini rise handlebars, Ritchey Superlogic Rizer Carbon Handlebar, Protaper 35mm carbon handlebar. We heard good things about the handlebars but yet to test them. We’ll update this page once we get our hands on them.

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