6 Titanium Mountain Bike Frames to Die For

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Titanium and carbon frames are the best frames you can buy as they are lightweight – but titanium is stronger. Titanium mountain bike frames are at the high-end of the market and can be very expensive, but a lot of the manufacturers now offer financing.

Creating a mountain bike frame from titanium is extremely difficult, the entire process from sourcing the material, molding, welding and finishing is more expensive. This is why you will see some titanium frames selling for $5k+.  The good news is, we have found some great deals from the top titanium frame manufacturers.

best titanium mountain bike frames



Below are 5 Titanium frames for you to choose from and prices.


Kona Honzo titanium frame

Built by Kona to withstand tough terrains, this MTB frame is beautiful. The frame is optimized for 29ers but is still fine with 27.5″ wheels. The frame will require 120-140 mm folks and is designed to have a dropper post.

Kona started out in 1989 and built a strong reputation in the industry, they also run have their own MTB racing team.

6 Titanium Mountain Bike Frames to Die For 1

#2 KONA TI EXPLOSIF  Titanium Mountain Bike Frame 

kona 2015 titanium built frame

This Kona titanium frame is a 2015, but the frame style and look is still cutting edge for 2018. This frame is actually manufactured by Lynskey Performance and supplied to Kona for the branding to be added. The frame is designed for 27.5 wheels and has a 3-2.5 seamless tube.

6 Titanium Mountain Bike Frames to Die For 1

#3 Lynskey MT 29 -Titanium Mountain Bike Frame

Lynsky titanium MTB frame

This Titanium frame from Lynskey Performance was designed for tough terrains. The frame technology is insane, the titanium used is certified aerospace grade! The frame is designed for a 29″ wheel and has a 44mm oversized tube head.

6 Titanium Mountain Bike Frames to Die For 5


#4 Lynskey Ridgeline FS 29 Titanium Frame

Lynskey Ridgeline FS 29 Titanium Frame 2017

At the higher end of the price scale, this titanium frame is full suspension. The suspension is the Fox float DPS which is pro standard. Designed for MTBRs who want to custom build a full suspension 29er and only want the best.

Full spec below:

6 Titanium Mountain Bike Frames to Die For 7

6 Titanium Mountain Bike Frames to Die For 5

Kitsuma Titanium MTB Frame

This frame is made by Litespeed, a USA based company based in Chattanooga TN. Litespeed is one of the only ‘titanium only’ bike makers and produce road, gravel and mountain bikes. They also do a range of titanium accessories and frames.

Litespeed Titanium Kitsuma Mountain Frame or Frameset - Litespeed Bicycles

The Kitsuma frame has a modular drop out system, along with a 44mm head tube and is single speed ready. The frame comes in 3 different sizes
The big selling point here is they are hand-made in the USA. You are buying quality. Litespeed also offer financing.



View Frame on Lirespeed.com 


Bearclaw Bicycle company also do a range of titanium mountain bikes like the Beowulf 27.5 mountain bike.  If you contact the company you should be able to buy the frame only.

Ribble HT Ti Frameset

This company is UK based, but they can deliver to the USA. Along with complete builds, they also sell their titanium frames separately. These frames will set you back over $2000 – but they offer financing!

Ribble HT Ti Frameset

Custom-built titanium MTB frames

If you are looking for a custom spec, we recommend looking at Seven Cycles – they also do complete titanium/carbon builds like the Hightail XX.

Alchemy Bicycles also do custom titanium builds and will likely sell you just the frame if you contact them.

Also check out Vannicholas who do specialize in titanium builds.

Titanium mountain bike frames FAQs

How heavy are titanium frames?

All frames will differ in weight but they are generally lighter than Steel, but will likely be heavier than an aluminum frame.  Titanium frames are generally also heavier than carbon frames but have a higher density.

Titanium Frames v Steel Frames

Steel is great but titanium beats it hands down. Titanium is lighter and stronger. Titanium frames also have a low fatigue rate which means in theory titanium-made bike frames should last forever.  Both materials are good if you are over 200lbs+

Titanium Frames V Carbon Frames

Titanium MTB frames are more resistant to the impacts of tough riding, they actually absorb the shocks.  Titanium frames are more expensive than carbon mountain bike frames, but if you are doing trail riding opposed to road then titanium is for you.

Are titanium frames expensive?

Relative to aluminum frames, yes.  But if you are building a high-end custom bike it is worth biting the bullet.

There are two main titanium frame producers in the mountain bike niche, Lynskey Performance and Kona. You cannot buy direct, but have to go through one of their distributors (see below).

Linkskey Performance built their first titanium bike back in 1986, so they have a lot of experience.

Is Titanium the strongest metal known to man?

No the strongest metal is actually Tungsten at 142,000 PSI

How are Titanium Bicycle Frames Made?

Take a look at this amazing video from Lynskey’s Youtube channel showing how they forge titanium tubes into a welded mountain bike frame.

Lynskey Hand Crafted Titanium Bicycles

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