Guide to the Best Mountain Bike Festivals Worldwide

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Are you an avid mountain biker or love to watch bikers compete? Then these MTB festivals and events are perfect for you to attend. From different competitions to workshops to mountain biking activities, these events are the best for any bike enthusiast. Roll up your sleeves and join thousands of fellow bikers as they descend upon these thrilling get togethers.

FEST Series Loosefest: Belgium

Are mountain biking competitions not your favorite events to watch? Then the FEST Series may be a good one for you to check out. These intense but fun games are more about pursuing different freeride and freestyle biking efforts. Watch as these bikers try their hands at new mountain biking jumps and new tricks they’ve picked up during the past year.

Loosefest XL Highlights 2019


Enduro Trophy of Nations: Finale Ligure, Italy

This mountain biking race is a little newer than most. This competition will host racers from the Enduro World Series that have been placed into groups. These teams will consist of the top three mountain bikers from the Trophy of Nations competition racing to win the Nations Trophy.

They will all be timed as the bikers ride through the designated bike paths. Once they’ve crossed the finish line, each team members time will be added up to create the total time for each team. The team with the shorter time wins the competition

Red Bull Hardline: Wales, UK

Gee Atherton Takes You Down The Hills Of Dyfi Valley In Wales, UK | Red Bull Hardline 2018

Are you in the mood for numerous jumps, crazy tricks, and bikers taking thrilling drops? Then tune in to these games. Each of the world’s bravest and most gifted bikers will take on different puzzles and riding challengers during this competition.

Rain or shine, this event is sure to entertain and impress you. Watch these riders face daring and tricky obstacles for the title of the winner of Hardline.

Crankworx Whistler 2019: Whistler, BC, Canada

Crankworx Whistler is Coming - 2019 Trailer

When it comes to the best mountain biking competitions, bigger is always better. This famously popular annual biking competition is the world’s largest mountain biking event. Many competitors join far and wide to attend this event. This extreme downhill biking race is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire competition.

Red Bull Rampage 2019: Virgin, Utah 

Red Bull Rampage Finals - FULL SHOW from Virgin, Utah, United States

Traditions are important to keep. That’s why lots of bikers like to celebrate the tradition of attending the Red Bull Rampage every year at the red rocks in Virgin, Utah. This is the 19th time in a row this event has taken place and it always delivers an epic experience for everyone involved: whether you’re watching or participating.

Not only will you be watching in awe at the impressively daring competitors, but you’ll get to view this crazy competition in a beautiful location. Watch as these bikers compete in different ways such as freestyle, freeride and downhill racing to win the Red Bull Rampage Crown. All 21 of these highly talented competitors will be competing on a brand new, never before seen course this year.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival: Seattle USA

Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival - Gucci Duthie

For anyone who’s looking to explore new bikes and their styles, this festival was made for them. This annual event is located in the bike park of King County. Bring the whole family as you ride the trails offered, watch lots of jump shows and participate in various bike demos.

NJ Mountain Bike Festival: New York, USA

2018 NJ Mountain Bike Festival JORBA | RGMTB Meetup MTB Ride

This upcoming bike festival is more than just watching bike riders compete in different competitions. Instead, you can also participate in this festival even if you don’t consider yourself a bike riding pro. Ride on different trails offered during the festival that are self-guided and easy to ride on.

If you want to take the riding up a notch, you can participate in different guided mountain bike routes. Different opportunities are available for all talents and skillsets. You can also camp out on the grounds for a night if you are in the wilderness mood. This also features a downhill bike race on one of the days of the competition.

Alyeska Resort Mountain Bike Festival: Alaska, USA

Alyeska Downhill MTB - Gear Jammer Down

In this annual biking festival, you will get to enjoy an exciting summer of adventure, thrilling biking activities and challenging events. The resort this event is located at is not only stunning but contains a large number of activities available to attendees. Enjoy biking competitions in the mountains, live music, and unique trails.

Sedona MTB Festival: Arizona, USA

Sedona MTB Festival // Day 1

This festival is located in the beautiful area of Sedona, Arizona and lasts for 3 days. Have a blast as you engage in different live bands playing, numerous bike demos and a beer garden. Explore the different trails the gorgeous city of Sedona has to offer you and your family or friends.

MTB Festival in the Lake District: Denmark, Europe

This event brings together different Danish bike riders as they engage in numerous activities of biking, mingling with other biker friends and networking with new mountain bikers. Attendees will get the chance to participate in several biking lectures and workshops. Bring your love and enthusiasm for mountain biking as well as your curiosity to learn more.

Reasons to Attend MTB Festivals


MTB festivals are good for mountain bikers of all skills and strengths. There are different reasons and opportunities offered to bikers who are considering attending this event.

  • Different biking trails- explore different trails easy and difficult. Some trails at these festivals are self-guided while others include a tour guide to show you the ropes.
  • Mix and mingle with different bikers- Several bikers attend this event from far and wide so it’s an incredible opportunity to meet new bikers and catch up with old friends.
  • Learn more about biking- Not only will you get to learn more by doing by exploring different trails, but learn more in different workshops, demos or lectures offered at the festivals.

Whether you’re an expert or beginner at biking, these festivals and MTB events will offer you a variety of different activities, competitions to watch or compete in and different ways to get involved in the mountain biker community. Whether you attend one event or several, you’ll enjoy yourself learning and experiencing more about the biker world.