Best Hydration Backpacks for Mountain Bike Riding

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2022)

If you’re an avid mountain biker, you know hydration is key to a successful ride. Keeping hydrated is vital to staying safe and exercising effectively. No matter if you’re just starting out, or if you’re training for another big race, each and every athlete needs water.

But of course, if you’re on a bike, it’s not just that easy. You need a way to get water without jeopardizing your balance or your safety on the path or roadway. Fortunately, manufacturers have considered your needs.

There are now hydration backpacks you can wear to easily access water while you ride and without stopping. We’ll talk a little more about how to find the best hydration backpack for your needs in the sections below.

REINOS Hydration Backpack

REINOS Hydration Backpack with 2L Bladder for Men & Women, Daypack with Thermal Insulation | Great for Hiking, Running, Cycling, Camping, Skiing, Outdoor Activities (Black)
218 Reviews
REINOS Hydration Backpack with 2L Bladder for Men & Women, Daypack with Thermal Insulation | Great for Hiking, Running, Cycling, Camping, Skiing, Outdoor Activities (Black)
  • THERMAL INSULATION TO KEEP LIQUIDS COOL - REINOS water backpack for hiking is definitely the best outdoor companion, it features an insulation layer made from high-quality aluminum foil that keeps liquid cool for hours, you can use it as a daypack but it can also be used as a portable cooler for outdoor activities.
  • 3L BPA-FREE BLADDER TO BEAT THE HEAT - The dark days of harmful plastic are behind us, REINOS 3L bladder is completely safe for you. Whether you are hiking a trail or climbing a mountain this is the perfect outdoor product hydration pack for you! There are also added side mesh pockets to carry extra water bottles.
  • INDIVIDUAL COMPARTMENT STORES EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A FULL DAY HIKE - Some days you might need a mini pack for a short hike, while other adventures might have you hauling a lightweight backpack that not only carries liters of water comfortably but also has enough storage to hold your tools, books and extra food. The main pocket is large enough to fit any gear you might need while out.
  • VENTILATED BACK DESIGN, PERFECT FOR LONG DISTANCE HIKING – We put special attention to maximize comfort, our back panel allows ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable. No matter the load, you can trust that the pack will distribute comfortably avoiding perspiration; your load will stay sturdy and structured on whatever terrain you are conquering!
  • TRY OUR PRODUCT RISK-FREE, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are dedicated to providing the best shopping experience to keep you happy and satisfied. We're very confident of the quality of our hiking backpack for men and women. If you have any issues with the product received, please contact us for a replacement or a full refund, the choice is yours!

This hydration backpack is backed by a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee to help ensure that you’re getting a trustworthy product. Not only that, but this product is also BPA free and FDA approved for your safety.

This backpack is lightweight and great for cycling. The inside has an aluminum foil layer for insulation to keep liquids cool while the back is ventilated to keep you cool on long journeys.

The 2-liter bladder is housed inside the large compartment that leaves plenty of room for snacks or even a light windbreaker jacket. There are two mesh side pockets on the exterior that are perfect for extra bottles of water.


  • Lightweight
  • Large compartment space
  • Good customer service


  • Leakage can happen in some new purchases

Neboic 2Pack Hydration Backpack Pack

Neboic 2Pack Hydration Backpack Pack with 2L Hydration Bladder - Lightweight Water Backpack Keeps Water Cool up to 4 Hours with Big Storage for Kids Women Men Hiking Cycling Camping Music Festival
252 Reviews
Neboic 2Pack Hydration Backpack Pack with 2L Hydration Bladder - Lightweight Water Backpack Keeps Water Cool up to 4 Hours with Big Storage for Kids Women Men Hiking Cycling Camping Music Festival
  • 2Packs Lightweight Hydration Backpack-They are compact and low-profile , perfectly built for lightweight pursuits like running, road biking and ultralight hiking . They feel light and stable on your back and won’t create any wind resistance.
  • Hydration Pack with 3 Extra Pockets -Including one easy access mesh front pocket and other 2 zippered side pockets will ensure you enough space for different essentials.
  • Perfect Form Fitting Water Backpack- It has adjustable hipbelt and shoulder straps that can be modified to fit your torso.
  • 2 liters (70 oz) BPA Free Hydration Bladder-The perfect size offer a nice balance of reasonable weight and bulk while providing a sufficient quantity of water.
  • Quick-Disconnect Tubing -The drink tube that easily disconnects from the body of the water bladder which makes simply to refill midhike. And the wide-mouth openings allow you to fit a hand inside the backpack water bladder, which makes cleaning easy.

You get two hydration backpacks with this order. Each pack contains a BPA free 2-liter bladder with a drink tube that is easy to quickly disconnect for quick refills. The opening for the tube is wide so cleaning the inside of the bladder is a breeze. This is a wonderful way to reduce the chances of mold growing inside.

The bag’s shoulder straps and hip belt are easily adjustable for your comfort. The design is compact to prevent interference during a long ride. The front of the bag has a mesh pocket for easy access and two zippered side pockets for things like keys or a phone.


  • Easy to disconnect for cleaning and refills
  • Two bags with purchase
  • Slim design


  • Lacks durability

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack

TETON Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Pack with Free 2-Liter water bladder; The perfect backpack for Hiking, Running, Cycling, or Commuting
2,762 Reviews
TETON Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Pack with Free 2-Liter water bladder; The perfect backpack for Hiking, Running, Cycling, or Commuting
  • SATISFY YOUR THIRST FOR ADVENTURE: Lightweight and comfortable; This hydration pack is a terrific companion for all your day-long or overnight hydration needs
  • FREE HYDRATION BLADDER: 2-Liter; Durable, kink-free sip tube and push-lock cushioned bite valve; Large 2-inch (5 cm) opening for ice and easy cleaning
  • CUSTOMIZABLE COMFORT: Backpack for men, women, and youth; Adjusts to fit all frames comfortably; Notched foam stabilizer and mesh covering means you can wear this pack for hours
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Over 1,000 verified 5-star reviews testifying to the quality and design; Large main pocket protects gear, clothes, and lunch; Bungee cord system for cycling and climbing helmets
  • TETON SPORTS PROMISE: Reach out to our AMAZING product support team if you have any questions or concerns; YOU CAN COUNT ON US to get you taken care of and back OUTDOORS with TETON Sports

This tough hydration backpack is meant to be durable during your cycling adventures. The front has a nifty bungee cord system to hold your helmet when not in use. This does not take away from space inside the pack, however. The 2-liter BPA free bladder sits inside a large main pocket that can hold clothes, lunch, and gear. The push-lock bite valve is kink-free and disconnects with a large 2-inch wide opening for easy refilling and cleaning.


This backpack is great for all ages and adjusts to fit all frames. The back has a mesh covering and notched foam stabilizer to keep you comfortable while wearing the pack for lengthy periods of time.


  • Strong quality material – durable
  • Easy to clean/refill
  • Bungee cord system for helmet storage


  • Zippers are prone to breakage

U`Be Hydration Pack Water Backpack

The slim design of this water pack makes it a classic choice for cycling. It is ultralight and comfortable, adjusting to fit your body shape. The back of the bag is rubberized to prevent sliding and to keep you dry. The slim design still has a couple of zippered pockets to keep your essentials as well.

U’Be backs this product with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise and will replace or refund your purchase when necessary.

The 2-liter BPA free bladder has a quick disconnect bite valve tube that allows quick refills and easy cleaning.


  • Great customer service
  • Slim, comfortable design
  • Rubberized back to keep you dry


  • Bulky for those wanting only minimum weight

Lightweight Hydration Backpack for Cycling

Hydration Backpack with 2L Water Bladder - Lightweight Pack for Running Hiking Riding Camping Cycling Climbing Fits Men & Women (Blue)
357 Reviews
Hydration Backpack with 2L Water Bladder - Lightweight Pack for Running Hiking Riding Camping Cycling Climbing Fits Men & Women (Blue)
  • DAY HIKER'S ESSENTIAL PACK: Light, adjustable, comfortable and great storage--make this pack a terrific companion for all your day-long or overnight outdoor adventures (capacity 18L)
  • BPA free 2-liter hydration bladder included. Convenient bite valve, large opening for easy filling, cleaning & drying.
  • COMFORTABLE & RELIABLE: Backpack for men, women, and youth; Low-profile athletic cut with full adjustment fits all frames comfortably. Ventilated mesh padding are applied for the shoulder straps, waist straps and back area to ensure the maximum comfort of the pack
  • INSULATED BLADDER COMPARTMENT:The insulated bladder compartment keeps your liquid cool or hot for up to 4 hours
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Every Benkii product is backed up by our 100% money back guarantee and amazing customer service. it's never late to contact us if any problem during usage with this backpack

This pack is the perfect companion for a long-distance cyclist. The bag has an 18-liter capacity to allow you to carry all the essentials. The insulated, BPA free 2-liter bladder can hold hot or cold liquids for up to 4 hours.

This is a comfortable choice and that allows for full adjustments all around. The ventilated padding keeps you dry and is on the should straps, waist straps, and the back.

The company promises a money back guarantee with its 90-day trial period.


  • 18-Liter carrying capacity
  • Money back guarantee
  • Ventilated for your comfort


  • Insufficient cleaning instructions included

MTB Hydration Backpack Features to Consider

man on mtb drinking from hydration backpack

There’s a myriad range of sizes, shapes, and styles when it comes to choosing a hydration backpack for cycling. So you’ll want to start out with a few basic questions to ask yourself before you start trying to narrow things down.

How much water do you need for a mountain bike ride?

If you’re on a vigorous ride and will be sweating a lot, you’ll probably want more water on hand than if you’re heading out at a more leisurely pace.

So, make sure you’re taking note of the water reservoir capacity. Most packs have models that fit one, two, or three liters.

Your climate, length of ride, and access to refills are all important figures to factor in when deciding on how much water you should be carrying regularly.

A helpful tip here: the baseline recommendation is roughly half a liter for every hour – but again, this is a general figure and doesn’t apply to everyone!

What else do you carry?

If you’ve cycled much at all, you’ll likely agree that trying to store even the simplest of your belongings in your pockets can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and just plain risky. So, you’ll likely want to find a backpack with some sort of storage outside of just the bladder for water.

But, just as some need more water than others, some need more storage than others. If you’re just riding on the paths near your house, you might not have as much to carry as say, someone who’s out on a weekend camping trip.

Manufacturers have designed something for everyone. , of course, various pocket considerations, but some packs even come with helmet storage, or even pockets specifically designed for cameras.

So, go ahead and write down a checklist of things you’d usually pack: say, extra parts and repair tools, a snack, sunglasses or goggles, and maybe some extra clothes, aside from the obvious phone, keys, and wallet.

Once you have a list of your own, you can consider how much space those things take up, and find a backpack with enough room to hold it all!

So, once you answer those first two questions, then it gets into the nitty-gritty, so let’s take a closer look at some of the other factors to consider:

Straps and harness

Depending on how much weight you’re carrying, it’ll be important to take a closer look at how sturdy the straps are on your backpack. Nearly all hydration packs are built with padded, ventilated shoulder straps and a hip belt for stability.

On the back panel, where the pack actually sits on your back, consider looking for mesh, or built-in spaces for airflow to help you stay cool.

The more you’re fitting in the pack itself, the more vital these straps become to your stability. Some packs have compressions straps which, when correctly tensioned, can help secure larger loads closer to your back to avoid throwing off your balance.

But of course, if you don’t have a lot of weight, these extra straps may be more of a hindrance than a help, so make sure to check off that list we discussed above!


Your helmet is vital to safety when cycling, but you could also consider your pack to be an equally helpful tool in protecting you from a fall.

Fortunately, these packs are durable, so even if you topple onto your water, the bladder is unlikely to pop. In fact, some manufacturers incorporate body armor-style padding and impact-absorbing plates into their packs to enhance this protection.

Considering protection for your water, there are insulated packs that keep your water cooler during long rides or hot summer months. And talking protection from the elements, depending on your climate, you may find it helpful to find a waterproof design. Some packs even come with built-in hoods!

Usage and Drinking Tips

To fill the water bladder, you’ll need to determine how it’s made. Some have a screw top, others have a clip that holds the pack together. Once you have your water inside, you can pack the rest of your gear and get ready to go.

Some important reminders here, be sure to rinse the pack between uses, through the bladder, hose, and mouthpiece, to make sure it stays clean.

Of course, each pack comes with specific cleaning instructions, so consult those as well, but we can tell you to definitely avoid bleach or boiling hot water. Also, make sure to try on the pack once it’s filled to make sure it’s attached correctly and comfortably.

To drink during your ride, bite down on the mouthpiece and suck inward, just as you would when drinking from a straw.

When you’ve had enough, release the tube and clip it back in place on the strap until you’re ready for another drink. Upon purchase, your drinking hose can be trimmed to the most convenient length.

Another tip: insulate the hose during the winter. In below-freezing temperatures, it’s easy for your water to freeze, so most packs come with special sleeves to ensure you can still hydrate no matter the temperature.

Cleaning the Reservoir

We get it. You just got home and the last thing you want to do is clean. However, in order to keep bacteria and mold from forming inside your pack’s reservoir, you will need to clean it after every outing. So, what do you do?

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with some hot water to dissolve the granules and pour this into the reservoir. Fill the rest of it up with hot water and, while pinching the bite valve, hold it above your head so the tube can fill.

How to Clean a Hydration Bladder || REI

Let this solution sit for about half an hour, then rinse it out with hot water and soap. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Hang the pack overnight to ensure that it dries completely. Afterward, you can store it in the freezer to help prevent mold from growing as well.


The options available for hydration backpacks make it simple to find a product that fits perfectly with your cycling needs. We gathered a list of the top products and hope that you have found a backpack that is perfect for you.