Point 6 Socks for Mountain Bike Riders

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There’s a ton of different gear that mountain bike riders equip themselves with. There’s also a critical component of mtb gear that riders often overlook until it’s too late: point socks. These longer socks can be a real game changer. Especially if your legs are plagued with scrapes, or your feet always get blisters after a long ride.

You’d be hard pressed not to see the difference in how you feel during and after your ride if you switch from your everyday footwear to point socks. Take a look through our guide on the best point socks for mountain bike riders, and find one that fits your needs.

Point6 Hiking Medium Cushion Socks

point6 Hiking Tech Medium Cushion Mini Crew Socks (Gray, Small)
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point6 Hiking Tech Medium Cushion Mini Crew Socks (Gray, Small)
  • Cushioning on instep prevents lace pressure and aids in moisture management
  • Cushion surrounds entire foot and cuff
  • It is critical to maintain optimum body temperature at ?98point6? degrees Regulation Fahrenheit (this is where we get our name). Wool does this!
  • point6?s soft merino fibers will not itch or irritate the skin
  • Renewable and natural products

These socks are ideal for mtb riders that don’t want full, shin length point socks, but still need the protection they provide. They cover your legs to above the ankle, while the built in ankle braces keep the socks from sagging and slipping down. It’s reinforced in the spots where feet are most likely to rub, which prevents blisters and thinning in those critical areas.


  • Very comfortable, even on long rides
  • Excellent fit around the entire foot and ankle
  • Durable, often lasting for years
  • Designed to fit all areas of the feet
  • Includes ventilation panels
  • Instep includes arch support
  • Heels and ankle areas are specially fitted to prevent slipping
  • High quality merino wool construction


  • Sizes fit slightly small

Point6 Compression Ultra Light Medium

While point socks offer tons of protection for mtb riders, these socks go further. They’re made of high quality merino wool that’s super soft, but also functional. This wool is combined with a specially engineered nylon, and paired together they form the ultimate moisture wicking combo. The combination also helps regulate your body temperature, while the compression design improves circulation, and reduces muscle fatigue.


  • Very good at keeping moisture away
  • Stays in place without rubbing or slipping
  • Compression fit is better for circulation
  • Regulates temperature and reduces muscle fatigue
  • Smooth toe seams
  • Sweat wicking materials: merino wool and nylon


  • Order at least one size larger than usual, may run small

Point 6 Coolrado High Socks

point6 Coolrado Sky high Ski Socks, Gray, Large
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point6 Coolrado Sky high Ski Socks, Gray, Large
  • Fast-Drying Socks: Point6 Ski socks dry more quickly and merino wool naturally moves moisture away from the foot for ultimate comfort.
  • Temperature regulation: Merino wool socks help maintain core body temperature and fight lactic acid build up in the muscles to keep you going strong.
  • Blister-free design: Point6 socks fight blisters with enhanced fit and active moisture management. (Fit features: Seamless toe closures, extra deep heel pockets, cushion where you need it and more.)
  • Guaranteed for LIFE with extreme durability: Point6 is the only company using only compact spun yarn, so socks resist pilling and are more than 25% more durable than any wool sock alternative.
  • Point6 is PROUDLY Made in the USA.

These are the ultimate point socks for mtb riding women. They have a ¾ length crew design that gives the best of ankle socks and knee high socks. If you like a dose of style on your ride, you’ll love the sleek lotus design. These point socks are going to be the softest, most comfortable socks you’ve ever encountered; you’ll be tempted to buy another pair to wear at home whenever you’re not on the trail.


  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Feels very well supported
  • Keeps feet very dry
  • Sweat wicking material dries quickly
  • Fully cushioned throughout the sock
  • Made of USA wool construction
  • Repels odor causing microbes
  • Strong, durable construction


  • Somewhat pricier than other socks

Benefits of Point Socks for MTB Riders

mtb socks

Protection From the Trail

Part of the joy of mountain biking is how much you can immerse yourself in nature. However, that does come with unpleasant side effects on occasion, especially if you’re not covered. Point socks cover the areas on your legs that are most likely to rub against poison ivy and other irritants. Long point socks also help mtb riders, because they provide extra protection from ticks, which can carry diseases.

Create a Barrier for Your Legs

Because many mountain bike trails, especially single track trails, are very narrow, your legs will rub against the brush. All the twigs and branches can scrape up your legs, which is why so many mtb riders wear point socks.point6 socks Longer socks also create a protective barrier between your legs and the debris in the trail, especially as sharp pebbles that get flung up from your tires.

Temperature Regulation

Whether the point socks have a compression design or not, they help regulate your temperature. Likewise, whether you ride through steaming summers or frigid winters, they keep your muscles at a consistent temperature, which reduces muscle fatigue. Extra long point socks will also keep you warmer in winter, without adding bulky layers.

Reduce Discomfort

During your ride, your feet sweat, which isn’t very comfortable. After rubbing in sweaty socks and shoes for a while, your feet may even develop painful blisters. Point socks for mtb riders wick away moisture, leaving you feeling dry, and keeping you blister free.

Point socks also typically combine wool with a nylon material, which creates a fabric that not only wicks away moisture, but also repels odor causing microbes and bacteria. These socks also give you a more airy feel, because they are designed for better ventilation. Many even include built in ventilation vents.

Better Fit With Cycling Shoes

As any mountain bike rider will tell you, whether they’re a novice or an expert, cycling shoes have a very different fit from your typical tennis shoes. They’re tighter and stiffer. This actually works with your body to lessen the amount of effort required to push your bike’s pedals and maintain momentum. Because of this, cycling shoes are much tighter feeling with regular socks.

The effects of this pairing can result in mild discomfort all the way to restricting proper circulation. Socks designed for mountain biking are tough. But they’re also thinner and more snug fitting than regular socks. In short, point socks create a proper fit with cycling shoes.

Final Verdict

If you haven’t made the switch to special point socks for mountain bike riders, you’re going to want to grab a pair before your next ride. They make a huge difference, and you’ll get off the trails feeling better, and drier than ever. Not only do they keep you comfortable, they also deliver the critical protection your feet and legs need to get through those rugged, narrow trails.