Trek Powerfly 5 Womens Electric Mountain Bike Review

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Trek Powerfly 5 Womens

Trek’s reputation for high-quality quality and innovation is well-earned, they also cater for women with their women specific design technology (WSD).  The Powerfly 5 Women’s takes all that’s great about the men’s powerfly 5 and makes it female friendly with some neat design tweaks.

The innovations don’t stop there, though. Also interesting with this model is that the battery is easy to remove and fully enclosed in the frame. Innovative features aside, how does it perform? Let’s check it out.

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Trek Powerfly 5 Womens Features

• Lightweight, durable frame made from high-strength aluminum
• 500 Wh battery enclosed within the frame. This feature keeps it protected and improves the aesthetics of the bike.
• Pedal assist reaches speeds of up to 20 mph
• A quality Bosch motor provides the power you need
• Has a Bosch Purion controller that has features an ergonomic design
• Rockshox fork allows for up to 130mm of travel
• Ten-speed Shimano drivetrain
• Hydraulic brakes
• Bontrager wheels proved tubeless ready traction
• Eco, cruise, and Turbo modes
• Will run for 105 miles in Eco mode
• Will run for 37 miles in Turbo mode

What We Like About the Trek Powerfly 5 Womens

womens trek powerfly 5 batteryThe entirely enclosed battery seemed like a small thing – that is until you get onto the trail. By keeping it protected, you increase its overall lifespan. You can take it out without using tools. That’s ideal for longer trips where you feel you might need a spare.

It handles like a lady in the city and a beast on the trail. This model is a real trail bike, and you can put it through its paces as such. Shred trails with ease on Sunday and then use it for your daily commute on Monday.

We do like that the company has used better-quality components. They’ve also managed to keep the costs more reasonable.

What We Don’t Like about the Trek Powerfly 5 Womens

A single charge will take you between 37 and 105 miles depending on the mode. That’s not as good as other bikes currently on the market. That said, it’s simple enough to extend that range by keeping a spare battery.

• Excellent handling and cornering
• High-quality components
• Reasonably priced
• Tires are excellent and provide outstanding traction
• Performs well as a trail bike

• Battery life could be better
• It takes 4.5 hours to charge

Trek Powerfly 5 Womens – Who is This For?

The specially designed female saddle makes this comfy for the ladies. Aside from that, the features are practically the same as you’d find on the men’s bike. That means keeping up with the boys becomes that much easier.

The versatility of this bike is what sets it apart from its competition. You can get down and dirty on the trails over the weekend. Or take it for a recreational drive through wine country. Or use it to commute to and from work.

The price point is reasonable, making this a solid choice for beginners and intermediate bikers. More advanced female  riders might get bored quickly.
This bike is also an excellent choice for those with mobility issues or those trying to get fit. The pedal assist helps you go further with less effort. That means that you can progress at a more gentle pace while getting fit.

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