Cube Sting 120 Race 500 27.5 Womens E-Bike

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Cube Sting 120 Race 500 27.5 Womens E-Bike 1

This e-bike has been designed specifically for women to use on trails. It features pleasing aesthetics and some kick-ass features that will help you get the best out of every ride. It features some top-notch components for the rider who wants more performance.

How does that performance measure up? Let’s go and take a look.

Cube Sting 120 Features

• Lightweight high-strength aluminum frame that will take a beating
• Ten-speed Shimano Deore transmission offers the perfect blend of speed and power to tackle steep trails
RockShox suspension with 120mm of travel makes for an extremely comfortable ride
Shimano brakes allow you to stop on a dime and make cornering a cinch
• Features tubeless ready rims
27.5 inch Schwalbe tires offer excellent traction over steep terrain
Bosch 500 Wh battery that can be charged while in the frame
• Cables are routed internally to reduce maintenance and improve aesthetics
• Good battery life

What We Like About the Cube Sting 120

This design has been made over quite extensively recently. The design maximizes the use of quality components to improve performance. The company has managed to balance performance and pricing quite well.

The Cube Sting is a trail bike that works as hard as you do. The internal cabling and integrated battery design improve aesthetics. More importantly, the frame protects them well.

The battery is simple enough to remove, even without tools. If you’d prefer to keep a spare battery on hand, just in case, this is a great feature.
It’s got a fair amount of travel, so that helps to smooth out your ride. The suspension has been cleverly designed to maximize both performance and comfort.

You can easily upgrade the dropper post if you prefer, making it even more versatile.
The bike handles exceptionally well and is beautiful and agile. It’s an excellent option for beginner trail riders because of its intuitive handling.

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What We Don’t Like about the Cube Sting 120

For more advanced riders, this will be something of a snore fest. The bike handles well, but it’s a reasonably smooth ride.

• Great modern design
• Excellent versatility
• Intuitive to use
• Good components
• Reasonable travel and comfort
• Excellent starter model
• Good battery life
• Low maintenance
• Handles well
• Can tackle tough terrain with relative ease

• Not the most exciting ride for advanced riders

Who is the Cube Sting 120 for?

As a trail bike for beginners, this ticks all the boxes. It is stable, comfortable, and handles well. You can make some upgrades to improve overall comfort and performance.

That said, this is not going to impress a more advanced rider. At best, this is a good option for someone starting, or with a little experience. Serious riders at more advanced levels will find it boring.

It makes a pretty decent trail bike and performs well on rough terrain. It will also work well as a commuter bike or just for the odd recreational ride.
For the price that you’re paying, you’re getting some pretty decent features. The bike is durable, and the high-quality components mean it will last for a good few years.

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