Cannondale Quick NEO Electric Bike Review

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Cannondale Quick NEO review

Cannondale took a slightly different approach when creating this e-bike. While most companies slapped a motor on a racing bike, Cannondale chose an endurance bike instead. They’ve based this model on their popular Synapse Endurance bikes.

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What you get is a sturdy and durable bike, and you choose whether to fit it with gravel tires or fat tires. The company promises a smooth ride and outstanding performance. Let’s see if they deliver or not.

More of an urban bike than full on Mountain bike, but tires can up upgraded to a wider MTB

Cannondale Quick NEO Features

Bosch drive unit for a powerful boost
• Lightweight
• Powerful
• Silent-running
• 500 Wh battery that goes 57 miles when in High mode and 142 miles in Eco Ride mode
• Hardly any drag when the motor is off
• Feels similar to a road bike in terms of agility
• Sturdy and highly stable
• Pre-wired cables so that you can install lights
• Rack mounts
• Removable fender bridge
• Flat handlebars
• Kickstand
• Pedals are sold separately so you can choose a good set
• With REI, you get a free tune-up within the first six months or after 20km


What We Like About the Cannondale Quick NEO

This bike is powerful and puts in a decent performance. The motor runs quiet but provides more than enough power. Unlike many e-bikes, you get very little drag when you’re not using the pedal assist.

The cadence seems more balanced than in other bikes that we’ve reviewed. In terms of performance, this is more of a mid-range model. Its maximum speed is 20 mph in High mode. You can get faster e-bikes. The question, though, is, do you need one? The performance here is perfect if you want to run a few errands.

You can also opt to switch off the pedal assist outright, which is a pretty handy feature.

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What We Don’t Like about the Cannondale Quick NEO

Depending on the model and setup you choose, this bike does come in on the pricier side. For an electric bike, it’s still affordable. If you’re just going to use it as an everyday bike, it’s expensive.

If you are looking for a pure electric mountain bike for off road action, see our guide to the best electric mountain bikes available in 2019.

• High-quality motor
• Powerful performance
• Choice of three modes
• Fun to ride
• Top speed of 20 mph
• Good battery life
• Quiet
• Stable
• Easy to get the hang of
• It takes 5 hours to charge
• A little on the heavy side

Who is the Cannondale Quick NEO for?

If you’ve got mobility issues and need to get back in the saddle, this is a great choice. Say, for example, that you’ve had an operation. Initially, you can use the full pedal assist mode to help you cover more distance without too much effort.

As you get back into shape again, you can switch down the pedal assist. When you feel fully recovered, switch it off completely.
If you’re a commuter, you’ll love this bike. It handles various types of road surfaces well. Choose to ride it over gravel, grass, dirt, or tar. It’ll help you get to work without sweating too much.

Finally, if you want to get out into nature, this bike works as well. Use the pedal assist when hitting steep hills, or when you need to take a bit of a break.

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