Trek Mountain Bikes

Trek Mountain bikes

Back in 1976, a pair of friends saw a gap in the bicycle market. At a hobbyist level, there were good bicycles but no real great ones. You either spent a fortune on a pro bike or settled for a very basic, cheap model.

That’s when the Trek Bike Company was born. The pair started with one simple but lofty goal – to build the best bikes ever. They aspired to incorporate features that would delight cyclists and give them perfect performance as well. And they would absolutely not compromise on these two goals.

The Trek Company is famous for using the best supplies and leveraging their keen engineering skills to create bikes unlike any on the market at the time.

They wanted amateurs to be able to experience pro quality at more affordable prices. Since then, the company has grown exponentially. They now see it as part of their mission to help improve the planet by getting people to cycle more.

People can reduce their carbon footprint and be active and stay healthy all at the same time! And, perhaps most importantly, never get stuck in traffic again.

They’ve kept their lines clean and simple to ensure that they can focus on high quality. With Trek, you get reliable bikes that are always ready to take on the world and look good doing so as well.

Trek Brands

Over  the years Trek have acquired a number of related companies

Bontrager – Apparel, accessories and components
Electra – Cruiser bikes
B Cycles – Bike sharing
Mansion Hill – Hospitality hotel
Dream Bikes – Non-profit for educating teens

Trek also have different internal brands like Trek Travel and Trek Factory Racing.

Social Awareness
The company has become known for supporting several organizations that promote biking. Here are some of the great causes that they support.

People for Bikes
People for Bikes is the top advocacy organization for cyclists in North America. They aim to ensure that bike trails are:
• Well-maintained
• Safe
• Easily accessible
• Lots of fun

Trek helps with monetary donations and volunteer time to further the organization’s mission. It uses its position to help the organization get more exposure and assistance.

Helping to Make Cycling a Lot Safer
When you head out on the road on your bike, there’s always some fear in your mind. Is today the day that some reckless driver will mow you down? Trek is helping to look for solutions to make the sport safer.

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association
This organization leads the push to create bike leagues for school kids. The idea is to get kids out and exercising rather than vegging in front of the TV. The organization focuses on providing kids a fun and friendly environment to practice.

Bike Share
Trek began a bike sharing company in 2008. The concept was somewhat revolutionary, especially at the time. The idea is to share bikes instead of buying your own. You could hire a bike, ride it from point A to point B and hand it in. It’s a great transport option which has a minimal impact on the environment.

Final Notes
In just forty-three years, the Trek Bike Company has grown into one of the country’s best-loved brands. They produce quality products with clever design features and have a range of prices that can fit any budget!

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