Orbea Rallon Mountain Bike Review

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There’s nothing better than the breeze in your face as you swoosh around those mountain trails without even missing a beat. Not just any bike is good enough to support you for the rough riding. That’s where the Orbea Rallon M10 Bike comes in. Made with strong materials, an asymmetrical design to save weight, and adjustments depending on the rider, you might want to think about picking up this mountain bike before your next ride.

Orbea Rallon Review

Orbea Rallon Mountain Bike Review 1

The Orbea Rallon is created just for moving on aggressive all-mountain trails. It’s made with an asymmetrical monocoque carbon construction, including super slack geometry that makes it easy to move around on it. This also helps with the suspension, which will also improve the weight of the bike and provide you with more shock when you land on it.

Speaking of the suspension, you have two settings for it: low and lower. Depending on how you ride and how much control you need when your biking around, you’ll love this bike. It’s made to grip the mountain to keep you safe and give you a great ride too.

In terms of safety, the rear pivot is concentric with the wheel axle. This will reduce the effect of the braking on the suspension and keep your bike in top shape. You’ll also be able to sit comfortably on your seat with the low seat angle, which will be steep enough, but which holds your weight well when you do take a seat.

Let’s not forget about the appearance of the bike either. The Orbea Rallon has a smooth matte finish with some vibrant colors so that you stay visible and look great while you’re riding too. Thanks to the custom configurator, you can choose whatever color you’d like before you even buy the bike. You don’t have to pay any extra either.



To have a good mountain bike, you need strong suspension that will support you as you touch down. It’s a good thing that the super smooth suspension comes fitted to the Orbea Rallon. You’ll get extra mid-stroke support as you ride so that you don’t loose any of the grip you have when you’re riding.


There’s a little more pedal kickback on the Orbea Rallon than some other models, but it also pedals more efficiently than a few other bikes. This makes this an ideal option for smooth trails. If you want to give it more gravity focus too, all you have to do is to increase the chain ring size and this will get rid of some of the big pedal kickback.


You have great stopping power with the Guide brakes, and not to mention some customization options for your brakes that will ensure that you’re safe the entire time. You can even upgrade your brakes for only a little bit extra when you buy.

Rear Shock Linkage

The linkage on your bike will improve the rear shock’s small bump sensitivity, which in turn creates a more progressive suspension curve. Basically, your bike will travel more smoothly and will be tuned better to respond to heavier hits.


The Rallon is only offered in the S/M sizing, and an extra-large size if you need it. This may sound awkward for some riders, but the large option will provide you with a larger reach and the seat will help you sit properly. Pick out your size depending on your physical size, since the smaller one will help with smaller legs, and you can adjust everything else.

Complete Customization

One of the biggest features of this bike is that you can customize it to your specifications. You can choose different wheels, colors, saddles, shocks, cranks, or seat posts. You can even choose your turbine at no extra cost. This bike can literally be anything you want, depending on your height and specifications.


  • Made to be rapid on climbs
  • Can also double as a trail bike
  • Front wheel has lots of grip
  • The suspension is adjustable and sturdy
  • Stylish design
  • Storage bag is large enough to store an extra tube
  • Bottom bracket is lower (which means you won’t fall towards the front as much on steep descents)


  • The bike itself is slightly short, so it’s less surefooted on some descents
  • Chainstay protector could be a little longer

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a good well rounded mountain bike that will support your adventures, the Orbea Rallon might just be the best option for you. It’s made to work on any terrain, and can even double up as a trail bike without compromising the smooth ride. The suspension is sturdy, and this is what really sets it apart. If you can overlook some of the awkwardness on some descents, this may be the best bike for you.