Niner ROS 9 Plus 2 Star SLX Bike

Niner ROS 9 Plus 2 Star SLX Bike 1


This looks like the love child of a standard 29er and a fat bike. This monster comes in at 29 + and is based hardtail ROS 9 geometry. This is a shredding machine to beat all others. Unlike other 29 + bikes that have been designed with cross country, short-travel in mind, this goes another way.
The company made the chainstays shorter and eased the headtube in order to make this a much more fun bike. This enables the bike to use 29 inch by 3-inch tires, giving you all the traction and comfort you could possibly want. Be prepared for a great experience riding this bike.

Niner ROS 9 Plus 2 Star SLX Bike 3

The chassis is created used a steel that is highly effective at shock absorption. The bike handles particularly well thanks to the addition the custom dropouts in the rear. In addition, the frame has been designed to stand up to the punishment of taking corners and descent down a steep slope.
The fork in front has a through the axle of 15 mm that is unique to this model. The length between axle and crown is 470mm. This was designed specifically so that the front was lower to the ground to make it easier to climb.

With this bike, there is no need to swap up gears if you don’t like – you can easily fit the BioCentric II bracket to the bottom of the bike in order to stick to only one gear.This is not the best-looking bike, but that is because the features have been selected to give you the very best in functionality and ruggedness. It’s like that friend we all have – the one that is up for anything and ready to go at the drop of a hat, without needing to spend time styling themselves.

This bike has no front derailleur but rather a Shimano SLX drivetrain so that the emphasis at all times is on having fun. Shimano also provided the brakes for this monster, ensuring you that you have stopping power as and where you need it.

The wheelset for this bike has an outer rim of 52 mm and an inner rim of 49.9 mm. It does a great job of supporting really big tires. The cockpit was completed with strengthened carbon alloy and consist of the stem, handlebars and seat post. The seat itself is comfortable and stands up well to the discomfort of a rugged trail.

This is not like a dog that will stand at the door begging you to go out – this is a badass bike that deserves to get out there and rip up the track. And, once you start to ride it, you will wonder why you never tried it before.


• Ultra-rugged design and a monster of a bike.
• Perfectly efficient suspension.
• Shortened chainstays and a slack geo to allow more play in the bike.
• Simple to set up for a single speed and can be fine-tuned as you like.
• The frame has strongly forged details.
• Extra strength and stiffness.

Niner ROS 9 Plus 2 Star SLX Bike 3