Marin Bobcat Trail Mountain Bike Review

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A good mountain bike needs to be able to handle rough terrain with ease. Usually though, a solid bike generally will cost a solid dollar amount, and with good reason. But if you’re looking for a mountain bike that can handle any environment, look no further than the Marin Bobcat Train Mountain Bike. With this new model of bike, you can have a great time outdoors, but let’s figure out just what makes this bike unique.

Marin Bobcat Trail Bike Review 

bobcat trail

The Bobcat Trail bike is designed for a real enthusiast with all of its features, its construction, and its suspension. Not only to you have a lightweight frame that will be easy for you to transport in your car, but you also have 29-inch wheels that are made to roll over anything underneath you. Together, this means that you’ll have a smooth ride even if the trail beneath you gets a little rough.

Speaking of the trail getting a little rough, you have a 120mm travel fork that’s made to smooth out the trail in front of you. So, you’re zooming down the mountain, but what about the brakes? Well, you have hydraulic disc brakes, so you can rest assured that you’ll have solid brake performance even when you’re moving at top speed—and even when you’re switching gears.

You have an 11-speed drivetrain, after all, which will give you a wide gear range when it comes to moving up the steepest hills. All you have to do is adjust your gears. The bike won’t weigh you down at all with the aluminum frame.

You simply just need to pick out the size of the frame that will work for your height and get riding.


Before you make your purchase, let’s go into more detail about the features you can expect in your Marin Bobcat Trail Bike.

Aluminum Frame

This bike is made to be lightweight yet strong, which is why it’s made from aluminum. The shape of the frame has been specifically formulated to handle heavy terrain, while the 120mm suspension supports you even on rough terrain.


You have two options when it comes to wheels: 29 inches or 27.5 inches. This depends on your size and preference. If you choose a bike for someone who’s a little taller, you’ll have the 29 inches to match your height, but if you’re picking out the smaller-framed bike, your wheels will be 27.5 inches to match.

Frame Geometry

These bikes are made to be unique thanks to the actual geometry of the frame. They all have a long sort of reach and a low standover, along with a slack head tube and steep seat tube angles. All of this together makes up the shape of the bike, which is meant to help the bike handle the trails more easily.

The Seat

You won’t be sitting on your seat for a long time as you’re riding down the mountain, but the really important part of the seat is that it allows you to stand easily on this bike. The design of the bike also features rack mounts that you can use when you’re out on the trail for a while.

Marin Bobcat Trail Ride

How does the Marin Bobcat Trail Mountain Bike ride? It rides smoothly on mountain trails or on singletrack and fire road riding. If you’re looking to step up to mountain biking, this is a great bike to get started with, but if you’re an experienced rider, this is certainly a strong option to help improve your overall experience on the mountain.

Reviewers who have ridden it point out that the geometry is really spot on, and allows the bike to climb quickly and efficiently. The handlebars might feel a little wide in your hands, but they’re something that’s easy to get used to. With the construction of the bike and the overall shape, you shouldn’t have a problem going anywhere.

This is especially true when we noticed how durable the tires were. Even when going over tough terrain, the tires stay in good shape—we haven’t even noticed a puncture on these tires. They balance the bike out well and make it easy to keep riding even over roots and rocks.

Keep In Mind

With all these great features and the unique shape of this bike, you might wonder if there are any problems with it. Well, the bolts on the seat tube are a little limited, so you do have a limited number of options for your dropper post. This might take you some extra time to figure out.

It’s noticeable too that the Marin logo isn’t something that will stay stuck to the bike. This isn’t something that affects the performance of the bike, but if you’re concerned about the appearance of the bike, especially considering the price tag on this bike, you might just want to keep this in mind.


You’re looking for a solid mountain bike that doesn’t struggle when you’re going up hills or around rough terrain, which is what makes this Marin Bobcat Trail Mountain Bike so perfect. You can ride this bike anywhere without worrying about the tires failing you, and the bike frame is made with just the right geometrical shape to get you up and over any sort of terrain.

Whether you’re just getting into mountain biking or you’ve been going up mountain trails for a long time, you might find this bike to be the perfect option for you. If you can overlook the difficulty in getting the right seat installed and some aesthetic issues, this Marin bike might be your ideal bike.