4 Best Grease Guns for MTBs


When it comes to greasing your mountain bike, you must determine which grease gun can help you complete the job in an effective manner. There are so many models on the market: cordless, battery packed, air powered or hand pumps. Decide which of these guns will be the best for you to utilize to complete a greasy job well.

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Best Mountain Bike Crankset

bike crank set

Mountain  bike cranksets are very important when it comes to the proper functioning of your MTB bike. With most cranksets having external type bottom brackets that have larger bearings, this makes them sturdier and stronger with a longer bearing life. Let’s look at how they function and how you can choose the perfect set-up.

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4 Best Smith Mountain Bike Helmets

best smith helmet

Wearing a mountain bike helmet isn’t the coolest thing to do. But if you go biking on dangerous terrains, this step is essential for your survival. Without a bike helmet, you might not even survive a deadly accident. Choosing a decent looking mountain bike helmet is the main problem, but Smith have you covered.

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Best 29″ Tires for Mountain Bikes

29 inch tire

The components that make up a mountain bike can be drastically different depending on many things. For example, the person who uses the bike, as well as the terrain and type of biking the bike is used for can all be major factors.

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3 Best Backpacks for Mountain Biking

mtb bag

Mountain biking is never a quick, easy activity. Rather, it’s a day-long adventure. If you want to spend your time enjoying the ride, it is important to not only pack properly, but have the right backpack to carry your things.

Just like picking the best location and the best bike, the backpack you choose will also greatly impact the overall experience you have.

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