Guide to Mountain Bike Wall Mounts: Create More Space in Your Home

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wall mounted mountain bike
Wall mounted mountain bike in editor’s garage

How are you storing your mountain bike right now? Is it leaned up against a wall, taking up valuable space that could be better used and at risk of being scratched? Wall mounts provide an excellent solution to this problem – you get your bike off the ground and maximize space.

But there are a lot of options to choose from out there so where do you start? We’ve done the legwork for you and narrowed it down to five picks so that you can find the best match for your needs.

We divided the wall mounts into 2 groups. One for internal use with 3 products and 2 products that are suitable for external use.

Why Didn’t Saris Fat Tire Bike Track Make the Grade?
There were two reasons for this – the price and the size. While I agree that having the longer track would help to make it sturdier, I don’t really want a track the length of my bike on my wall. The added benefit in terms of stability doesn’t make up for the much higher price either.

Wall Mounts for Internal Use in Homes

Ibera Horizontal Mountain Bike Wall Mount

Ibera Horizontal Bicyle Wall Mount
1,049 Reviews
Ibera Horizontal Bicyle Wall Mount
  • Can hold nealy 40lb
  • Perfect space saver for small apartments
  • Padded holders to protect your frame
  • Fits 90% of bike frames

This is a simple and yet very effective option that takes up very little space itself.

• Adjustable arms
• Strong construction
• Durable material used
• A non-scratch holder
• Velcro strap to hold the wheels

Users like the fact that this is unobtrusive and a lot less obvious than is the case with some of the other holders.
If you have a heavier bike and are attaching it to drywall, there is a lot of strain placed on the screws. I would recommend getting a set of strong drywall screws instead of using those that come with this product. These are not just for storage, if you own a Yeti – get it on display 🙂

• Much less obvious than other types
• Strong and adjustable
• Won’t scratch the bike
• Holds everything firmly in place

• The screws that come with it are not ideal for dry wall and a heavy bike.

HOMEE Mountain Bike Wall Mount

HOMEE Mountain Bike Wall Mount
358 Reviews
HOMEE Mountain Bike Wall Mount
  • Can hold nealy 66lb
  • Vertical hanger
  • Padded holders
  • Suitable for all bikes including folding

This is the best budget option that I came across. It offers a no-frills effective way to save space.

• Can carry a weight of up to 60 pounds
• Fits most standard bikes
• Safety mechanism to prevent the bike slipping out
• Sponge cover
Users were impressed with how strong the construction is and how it could carry a heavy mountain bike. (Depending on the wall it was mounted to, of course.)
You need to know that this is an option that is highly visible. It’s not a huge plate, but it does take up more room on the wall than the others we have looked at here. But that is really more of a cosmetic issue – you could always paint the plate to match the wall and make it less obvious.

• Attached to a strong supporting wall, this will carry a heavy bike easily
• Good price point
• Won’t scratch your bike
• Fits a lot of different makes and models

• It is not as streamlined as some other models

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Feedback Sports Velo Mountain Bike Wall Mount

Feedback Sports Velo Bicycle Wall Mount
200 Reviews
Feedback Sports Velo Bicycle Wall Mount
  • Can hold any bike upto70lb
  • Horizontal hanger
  • Rubber padded holders
  • Suitable for displaying bicycles in a shop

This option looks quite different to the others, but that is because of the rubber mounting on the handles.

• Can be screwed into any normal stud in the wall
• Durable
• Rubber covering to prevent scratching the frame
• Arms are adjustable
Users generally agree that this is the best option if you have a dry wall.
One potential issue is that the holes are not as big as I would have liked – I wanted to use a thicker screw to bolt them to the wall. In the end, I just drilled the holes a little bigger, so that was an easy fix.

• This is the sturdiest option for drywall because you can attach it to a stud
• The rubber coating is not going to damage the frame.
• You can adjust the to fit your bike

• You might need to drill the holes so that they are a little bigger.
Overall, I chose these racks because they offered great value for money and did a good job. You don’t need something with all the bells and whistles here.

Wall Mounts for Secure External Use

These wall mounts are a lot more expensive and focus more on security as can be outside. These are perfect if you are storing your bike in an outbuilding or for commercial use.  Some train stations in Europe use these for space saving and helping commuters store bicycles securely.

These wall mounts can also also be used for internal use in homes -think house shares. They can also be used my commercial premise like bike shops for added protection of merchandise.

Hiplock Airlock Wall Mount

Hiplock external wall mount

The Airlock Secure Wall Mount bike frame lock is built from hardened steel that can withstand a high degree of pressure and blunt force.

The wall-mounted bike frame lock can be used on any vertical flat surfaces. With a maximum gold security rating from Hiplok, the Airlock bike lock is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Clamp pressure is adjustable to suit thin-walled tubing and to accommodate a wide variety of bike frames, including 7/8″ and 3″ frames. The clamp is rubberized to prevent damage to the framework of the bike while maintaining a secure grip.

The Hiplok Airlock bike frame lock comes with three coded replaceable keys. Its key features include:

● A sturdy triangular design that’s designed to be compatible with most bike frames and to provide maximum security when the bike frame is locked
● A rubberized, micro-adjustable clamp that accommodates a wide range of bike frames and can be used even on delicate frames
● Maximum gold security level from Hiplok, making it secure enough to be used for indoor and outdoor applications
● Compact, space-saving design lets you mount the bike lock in tight spaces
● It comes with three keys, all coded and replaceable in case of accidental loss

Hiplock Secure Wall Mount Installation Guide

Here’s a quick video installation guide from Hiplock.  It’s very simple as long as you have a drill and ensure mounted to a secure wall. Before you do any drilling, check the wall for any live wires with current detector.

Hiplok: AIRLOK Installation Guide

• Very secure
• Perfect for storing outside
• Won’t scratch your bike

• Expensive


Guide to Mountain Bike Wall Mounts: Create More Space in Your Home 1

Park Tool Secure Wall Mount

Park tool external wall mount

The PRS-4W-2 Park Tool wall mount repair stand provides a stable grip for quick and easy bike repairs. It is built using heavy-gauge steel tubing that is designed to handle everyday use and to last for many years. Powder coat finishing makes it impervious to rust and protects it from dings and scratches.

The vertical bike repair mount has a micro-adjustable clamp with a rubberized grip that you can trust to hold securely without causing damage. It mounts easily to any solid flat vertical surface, including wall studs and posts.

It comes with a 100-3D quick-adjust clamp that stands roughly 13 inches from the wall. Its wall-mounting plate measures 6 inches by 2.5 inches, and the mounting holes stand on 4-inch centers at half an inch in diameter each. Mounting bolts are sold separately.

The bike repair stand has the following features:

● Adjustable clamping pressure to prevent damage to fragile bike tubes
● Clamp covers that are durable but also replaceable to increase stand lifespan
● Narrow clamp design that’s suitable for tight or short areas of the bike, such as the seat post. The clamp measures 2.7 inches in length.
● Quick mounting/dismounting action facilitated by a cam-actuated system, which also allows you to make quick adjustments as you work
● Stable mounting hardware to prevent slips and accidental dismounts
● Rotatable clamp configuration that will enable you to position the bike in different orientations for easy access to all parts
● The repair stand can be mounted onto any flat surface
● Heavy-gauge steel construction provides stability while absorbing damage to facilitate a long lifespan

durable build quality with powder coat finish for added resilience

• Very secure external bike mount
• Great for commercial use (displaying bikes)
• Padded
• Fits 90% of frames

• Expensive

Guide to Mountain Bike Wall Mounts: Create More Space in Your Home 1

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