Best Mountain Bike Goggles for Downhill Riding

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best mountain bike goggles

Mountain bike goggles are designed to protect your eyes from dust and debris which can fly up at you from your wheels. For general trail riding, a good pair of mountain bike glasses will be sufficient – but serious downhill riders will need goggles.

Mountain bike goggles are generally designed to fit around full-face mountain bike helmets, an essential bit of kit for anyone doing downhill.

You need to ensure the goggles you buy fit well, especially around the temple area without pressing your skin so much. Similarly, the nosepiece must fit snugly for enhanced performance while biking.

Like with helmet buying, always buy a reputable brand/make – brands like Fox Racing, Smith Optics and Oakley are known for product testing and meeting stringent safety standards.

Editor’s Choice – Winner of Best Mountain Bike Goggles 2020

Fox Racing MTB Goggles
20 Reviews
Fox Racing MTB Goggles

  • 180 visibility with anti-fog lens
  • 100% UV protection
  • Perfect with Fox fullface helmets
  • Very comfortable

These MTB Goggles are the top seller on Amazon and for good reason. Fox racing is a leader in the Motocross and MTB gear space.

Here are the top 6 alternative mountain bike (MTB)  goggles to look out for.

Fly Racing Focus Goggles

Fly’s racing goggles are simple and inexpensive, and they may be more interesting to mountain bike beginners. Saying that — there is nothing wrong with them, if anything, it is amazing what they have managed to put together for the price. Clear lenses and a wide frame, which are strong and comfortable to wear.

MTB Goggles by Fly Racing
MTB Goggles by Fly Racing

Fly Racing goggles come in a spectrum of colors, so you should be able to find a pair that matches the rest of your kit. The strap is long enough to reach around to the back of your MX helmet and has a silicone coating to prevent it from slipping off your helmet.


Lens: Polycarbonate — Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog
Frame: Polyurethane
Tear-Off Posts: Yes
Face Seal: Dual-Layer Foam
Removable Nose Guard: Yes

The Fly Racing Focus goggles come with polycarbonate lenses for strength and flexibility. These lenses are anti-scratch. And the lenses also have an anti-fog coating to prevent them from steaming up at the moment you need them the most.

The goggle’s frame design fits snug into the visor hole, and dual-layer foam ensures a comfortable fit to your face. Fly make removable nose guards that will fit these goggles, but they do not come in the box.


Good ventilation to prevent fogging.
Silicon band to prevent slipping.
Dual-layer foam for comfort.
Strong polycarbonate lenses.


It does not come with a nose guard, but you can buy them from Fly.
The goggles do not come with anti-glare coating.

Best Mountain Bike Goggles for Downhill Riding 1

Leatt Velocity 6.5 Iriz Goggles

Not that you would want to test it, but the Velocity 6.5 Iris has stopped a 0.22 caliber bullet on a military ballistics impact test. So, riding down the side of a mountain and hitting a few branches on occasion, is child’s play in comparison.

Leatt’s Velocity 6.5 Iriz
Badass Looking MTB Goggles by Leatt

Leatt’s Velocity 6.5 Iriz, comes with a removable nose guard, which also helps to push air up into the visor. The Leatt goggle comes with two tear-off posts, one for a standard tear-off pack. And the other tear-off posts are for Leatt’s 48 mm WideVision system.


Lens: Polycarbonate — Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog
Frame: Polyurethane
Tear-Off Posts: Yes
Face Seal: Triple-Layer Foam with Fleece Backing
Removable Nose Guard: Yes

The outriggers ensure that these goggles will fit into the most challenging of helmet sizes and designs, and still stay in place. And the goggles are large enough to fit over the top of standard-sized glasses. To add to the comfort, the triple-layer face foam with fleece backing gives these goggles a fantastic seal to your face. The face-foam also keeps the goggles light and comfortable.

Anti-slip helmet strap, anti-fog lenses, and self-draining technology ensures that you have a clear view of what is in front of you at all times. And when you are ready to go home, you can store the goggles in the soft bag that Leatt provides.


-Super-strong lenses.
-Fits over glasses.
-Removable nose guard.
-Good ventilation and anti-fog infused material.


-It still needs more ventilation to prevent fogging.
-The Dual-layer foam padding is on the delicate side.

Best Mountain Bike Goggles for Downhill Riding 1

Oakley Airbrake Prizm MX Goggle

When it comes down to making the finest lenses, you know that Oakley is going to be one of the best manufacturers to go to. Their Plutonite lenses block harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC light rays. Plutonite also allows the visible spectrum to pass through with incredible clarity.

Oakley MX Goggles


The PRIZM lenses also enhance certain colors, to help you to recognize dips and obstacles on an off-road track. Prism lenses and the Airbrake frames have tear-off pegs for standard films and Oakley’s tear-off films. And the F3 anti-fog coating on the lens helps to combat the build-up of condensation from your brow.


Lens: Plutonite (Polycarbonate)– Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog
Frame: Polyurethane
Tear-Off Posts: Yes
Face Seal: Foam
Removable Nose Guard: Yes

These goggles are a bit larger than some other models. The Airbrakes will fit inside the width of a standard open-faced helmet, but they may struggle to fit helmets with chin protection. If you can fit these goggles in, then it is worth the price difference for the exceptional vision they offer.

The head strap has an anti-slip coating on it to prevent it from slipping off your helmet. And the out-riggers help the goggles move with the helmet, rather than vibrating in random directions. It is worth mentioning that you can buy 10 entry-level goggles for the same price. What you are paying for are the lenses.


-PRIZM lenses for superior eye protection from the Sun’s rays.
-High-strength and flexible frames, as you would expect from Oakley.
-Switchlock, easy to remove and swap lenses.
-Comfortable to wear for extended periods.


-Bulky, but they do have a great field of view.
-These goggles do not come with nose protection.

Fox Main Cota Goggles 

Fox’s Main Cota Goggles, small and sleek design makes them a perfect fit for a standard MX helmet. These are entry-level mountain bike goggles with an advance-level of finish. The panoramic Lexan™ lenses give you a superior field of view, while still being small enough to fit into the face of your helmet.

Fox Main Cota MTB Goggles

The lenses also have tear-off posts that will take most brands of protective films. The frame of the goggle’s seals to your face with a triple-layer face foam and a fleece liner. So, you can wear these all day in comfort without them rubbing.


Lens: Lexan ™ (Polycarbonate and Polyetherimide) — Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog
Frame: Polyurethane
Tear-Off Posts: Yes
Face Seal: Triple-layer Foam with Fleece Liner
Removable Nose Guard: Yes

There is also a non-slip silicon adjustable strap to prevent the goggles from falling down when you are going over jumps. And the frames are small enough to fit most MX helmets. Lexan™ is a composite of Polycarbonate (PHC) and Polyetherimide (PEI).

The usage of polycarbonate is common, and you will see it in most safety lenses for goggles, helmets, and glasses . PHC is strong and scratch-resistant, but it tends to fog. Polyetherimide is less resilient to impact, but PEI improves the strength of PHC by up to 30% and 100% UV protection.


-Triple-layer foam padding.
-UV protection lenses.
-Includes a microfiber bag to prevent scratches.
-Wide viewing angle.


-All that face foam makes it too hot for summer use.
-It does not come with a nose protector.

Best Mountain Bike Goggles for Downhill Riding 1

Smith Optics Squad Mountain Bike Goggles

Smith Optics Goggles
6 Reviews
Smith Optics Goggles

  • Good ventilation
  • Secure straps
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Top quality brand

Smith Optics is renowned for its durable snow eyewear but also have a Squad MTB range. It’s a top brand for many athletes and sports men and women who trust in its products for reliability and dependability. The company is always investing in R&D to come up with new designs and uses the latest innovations to enhance its existing products for better functionality.

It also tests its products for quality and functionality, ensuring that customers always return for similar or better solutions. The company also offers exceptional customer support services to its large base of customers spread across the globe. The Squad MTB Goggles aren’t just designed for a perfect fit, but also improves performance. Compatible with bike helmets, the pair of goggles has an ultra-wide backed strap made from silicone for accurate sizing and additional comfort.

Smith MTB Goggles color range

Based on the AirEvac integration technology, the lenses prevent fogging. Built in a facial geometry frame design, the goggles allow for a contoured face fit. The goggles have carbonic spherical x-lenses for a stylish and fashionable look even as you cycle your bike on various terrains. The spherical lenses are large and iconic to give you a signature look each time you put them on. As a result, you get five times better field of vision based on the anti-fog technology for clear sight even as you cycle in the mountains or in winter.

The TLT lens technology guarantees you crystal clear vision despite the bad weather outdoors. With the patented Porex filter, you won’t experience optical distortion even as you change elevation in the mountains.

The three-layer DriWix face foam cushions areas around your eyes that get in contact with the pair of goggles for comfort. The responsive Fit frame design is not just durable, but also flexible to adjust for a perfect fit. With the single-pivot lens change system, you can easily remove your lenses for cleaning or replacement as it supports quick release.

The mirror lenses support high performance whether you’re riding during the day when there’s bright light or in the evening when light becomes low. It also has a dual-axis outrigger position system so you can easily put it on or off.

Keep it in the microfiber goggle bag it comes with for storage or to bring it with you wherever you go. The bag also comes with a replacement lens sleeve to hold any extra lenses you might want to bring with you for change if need be. They also offer eye protection from the harsh weather condition that might impair your vision, reducing your cycling performance.


-World-class brand
-Awesome look
-Great visibility



Global Vision Sports Goggles

Global Vision Sport Goggles
29 Reviews
Global Vision Sport Goggles

  • Shatterproof against fly debris
  • Fits most MTB helmets
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Can be worn with glasses

Founded by Richard Wright in 1983, Global Vision has at least three decades worth of experience. The company has grown over the years to become a popular wholesale eyewear brand. With a mission to help you see the world in a different perspective, the company manufactures reliable and functional eyewear for consumers worldwide.

It also offers exceptional customer support services. Global Vision manufactures comfortable, stylish, affordable and perfectly-fitting eyewear products. The Global Vision Eliminator Goggles, just like other eyewear products by the same brand, feature polycarbonate lenses. Designed with UV400 filter, the lenses offer protection from the harsh UV rays.

As you cycle along trails and on various terrains, the shatterproof lenses are designed to protect your eyes from foreign objects. Although these goggles are designed for motorcyclists, they can keep dust away from your eyes as you go biking since the lenses have a stylish tint. You can expect to use your pair of goggles for many years as they have a scratch coating to prevent scratches even as your lenses are hit by various objects.

The goggles don’t just vent to prevent fog, but also feature airy and soft padded foam for comfort. You can adjust the elastic strap if need be for a perfect fit. Suitable for all terrains, keep your goggles in the microfiber pouch it comes with either for storage or portable use.


-Cheap multi-purpose sports goggles


-Not dedicated to MTB

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